A messaging app whose popularity rose with the advent of online dating sites, and apps like Whisper (*shudders*). A little less personal than normal texting or email. Limited selection of dopey-looking emojis. Although used by a diverse range of people, one more often encounters a hella lotta grammer lyk dis, bae.

A true bastion of the uneducated and the thirsty.
Person 1: Sup bby, whats ur Kik?

Person 2: Rachetpussy1234
Person 1: kk cool. I wana c ur nudes but first, lemme take a mirror selfie in theez dank ass cargo shorts.
by KallenS August 13, 2014
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A messaging app that was designed for messaging people but has been ruined by society since all people do is beg people for nude pics. There are some scenarios where the man/woman is so desperate that they fake their identity so that they have an easier chance of naked pictures (i.e. a 45 year old man who pretends to be a 16 year old girl to receive either guy or girl naked photos).
Kik is for squares
by Mr NiggerBitch October 6, 2013
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An app for smart phones used to send private messages between two or more people.
"I want to message you privately, do you have a kik?"

"U got kik?"
by Bootypopper579 April 29, 2014
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A smartphone app that allows users to chat with eachother, for free, whether they have an iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, or Android device.

*Can also be used in the form of a verb, meaning to contact someone through Kik.
1. From Kik's Twitter: Kik is like BBM, but it works with Android, BlackBerry, AND iPhone. It's lightning fast, shows when msgs are sent/delivered/read, and is completely free!

2. Person 1: I'm so bored, brochacho

Person 2: Hit me up on Kik, fool!

3. Hey, I'm going to the store, kik me if you need anything.
by thejoshstatus November 5, 2010
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Anything related to the love making of Jews and Hebrews. It is usually used to describe the hardcore pornographic images of Hebrews/Jews on the internet.
Jew number 1: "Hey Benjamin Goldstein check out this Kik it's...."

Jew number 2: "Oh ye Levy, that shit was on point, like when the Dradel span on her c*** and shit"
by Hishy January 3, 2012
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A smartphone app that allows pedophiles to chat with other pedophiles and underaged girls. This app is available through iPhone, Android, iPod Touch(lol nerds) Blackberry(because people apparently still have those), or Android devices

* It’s also a great way for attention hungry girls and guys to threaten to self harm themselves as a way to feel wanted.* -@k_p8677
Bob: hey you wanna hop on kik and get some nudes from 50 year old guys pretending to be 16 year old girls?

Bill: nah I think I’d rather Talk to my bleach dealer an emo fuck named unmei
by K_p8677 July 25, 2019
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A common typo for the internet slang "Lol" (laugh out loud.)
Sam: Hello KT
KT: Hey, how are you, kik?
KT: Lol*
by Andyzzz April 20, 2008
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