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1. Prone to Good Fortune
2. Succeeding through chance.
3. Homer Simpson
Remember, Lucky is to succeed through chance, not a crap new cable show or a Britney Spears song.
by G-Union December 12, 2003
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Is he a seven? Are you getting lucky tonight? He is not a six or an eight. He must be AND she must be. Perfection in a jar. Bottled and saved for later.
by Femalesheep June 15, 2014
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A sign of something good or it was a complete accident and you did whatever u did
U got lucky on that 3 point shot.
Lucky sutton has the cutest girl in the school he is so Lucky
by Lucky island September 08, 2016
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the first cigarette you take out of a new box. this "lucky" cigarette is then turned upside-down and placed back in the box and saved to be the last cigarette in the box smoked.
"can i bum a cig?"
"um...well, all i have left is my lucky"
"oh okay, that's cool dude. i'll ask someone else."
by Zorf August 15, 2005
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Having great things happen in life without question of regrets.
That girl Crystal was so lucky to have a boy like Andrew! I wish i was that lucky..
by Oliveballs November 29, 2011
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Another term for Lucky Strike cigarettes.(The best brand of smokes out there.)
Guy 1: Hey man, Can I bum some Luckies for my girlfriend?

Guy 2: Are you kidding me? Theres no way I'm going to give away any of my Luckies to you or some bitch! Get a job Hippy!

by The Ruffio June 16, 2008
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