cool, rad, hip, or sick
something that is just awesome
John: I am going on a European tour this whole summer.

Evert: That is so deceased!!!
by Arthur Finkelton June 14, 2009
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a dead person usualy of the sex of male or female and or shim/ she/ he or trans. umm and other catergories like women born with penis lol =) but no realy umm a dead person found in the obituarys on beetlejuice =) k love ya bye
THat trans is so deceased.
by wthyoumofo March 12, 2009
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A term a lot of drag queens use. It can be used like the saying “Ded”. You usually use it when you find something really funny.
Girl 1: Omg did u see her dress lol it was so weird!
Girl 2: DECEASED !
by Summermoonlight December 23, 2017
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