When you laugh at something with no inherent comedic value.
"Yo did you know Spongebob is a sponge?"
"That's some proper Ghilo Humour that."
by aRandomBantalope April 19, 2020
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a bizarre type of humour that roots from a TPOT camp named "BFTS". Some symptoms of Josey humour are:

1. Saying WTF way too much
2. Saying "lma" and "lmak" instead/with "lmao"
3. Stroke-like reactions to very weird jokes, usually replacing "WTF" with something like "WTAFYUIOAJULJIHNKML"
4. Mispelling of common words all the time
5. Big Chungus
"that's almost as big as BIG CHUNGUS!!!!!!! WTYRFGYHDUIUGYSHJKL"
"o jeez i think uve got Josey Humour lma"
by qKitti May 10, 2021
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dry humour ,sometimes also referred to as deadpan, is a form of comedic delivery in which something humorous is said or done by a person, while not exhibiting a change in emotion or facial expression.

It is implied humour or indirect humour which largely depends on what the audience thinks is being said rather than anything else.
Mr.Carson, known for his blank expressions while performing outrageous stunts on his show ' Carson Tonight ' is by far the best dry humourist i know.
by sumanth chebolu July 18, 2006
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humor that deals with unpleasant aspects of life in a bitter or ironic way
Black humour is when, for example, a man takes off his belt to hang himself, and his trousers fall down. Another example of black humour, "Suicide just isn't funny, no matter which way you slice it," is an effective satire at the way that suicide is treated in mainstream western culture, insinuating that attitudes towards suicide are even more morose or morbid than the act or mental condition leading to it.
by I.O.U. 68+1 June 7, 2006
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Indirect breach of the fourth wall at the end of the movie "Fight Club". When the plot comes around to the opening scene again after two hours of flashback, the Narrator (Edward Norton) states he "still hasn't anything to say", and Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) refers to this as "flashback humour".
Any other definitions for flashback humour?
by Fearman November 21, 2007
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Dead jokes like ‘go back to the kitchen’ and ‘I have kids in my basement.’ Really bad ‘waffling
Tom: “yo go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich u dishwasher😂”

Rachel: “shut up you’ve got hadi humour


Rachel: “you can’t even waffle”

Tom: “ok so basically I was playing football with my eyelashes and mud got into my windpipe which paralysed me from my phone case so I had to get my phone case repaired at the aquarium to let the blood come out from the foot of my phone which gave it superpowers and is now able to go shopping with a printer”

Rachel: “wtf was that? You’ve got hadi humour.”
by Hannahm1333 June 29, 2020
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comedic bankruptcy,inability to either experience or create anything amusing
HD sufferer - you can say that again
normal person - oh can I - repeats what he has just said
HD sufferer - no response
normal person- i see you are suffering a humour deficit problem
HD sufferer- excuse me i do not understand
by Joel Plews October 27, 2007
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