Drive to Half Moon Bay CA, stand on ANY street corner and yell "George Bush is a draft dodger". The drooling, flat slob that runs up to you with a fistfull of NeoNazi website "fact-sheet" print outs yelling at you to step up and defend your position is Big Buck himself. Carefull! Don't get to close to him in the summertime as he gets a little ripe. That wide yellow streak down his back is not a competition stripe BTW.
Go to and watch Big Buck make a total fool of himself.
by Laura August 10, 2004
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A total waste of skin.
Please people, your anti-abortion stance produces people like this.
Go to and you will find him there stinking up the place
by anonymous June 9, 2004
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noun/adj - use to describe a male who is exceptionally large muscle wise, devoted to getting shredded; and always frequents the playground i.e. the gym
I am a BIG BUCK!
Hey man (no homo) you are a BIG BUCK!
Sorry boys this is a strictly BIG BUCKs area
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One shall duck ones buck.
Big Duck Big Buck- She put her duck in my buck
by One_White_Boi February 21, 2019
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After someone has passed out from partying, you grab them by the hair and pose with them for a picture as if they are a deer you have just shot
If I do get too drunk tonight can you guys promise you won’t big buck me?
by BIGPP69 June 8, 2020
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