"He's a real sourdough; he hikes, fishes, kayacks, and loves could weather."
by Dana Mix August 18, 2003
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the absolute best type of bread. no other bread can match the heavenly taste of sourdough
person a: mmm this bread is so good
person b: *thinking* ah yes that must be sourdough
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A nickname or descriptor for a woman who doesn't clean her vagina to the point where yeast infections along with many other diseases and crotch-rot are simply assumed.
"Man, she was really bakin' a loaf of bread down there.
Yea, I bet it was a loaf of sourdough."

"That bitch, Sourdough, gave me a UTI. :<"
by FailureChild August 29, 2006
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When a girl puts her yeast infection pus in a man's mouth as an act of sexual intent.
I sourdoughed my girlfriend yesterday, my tongue turned yellow afterwards.
by Darkninja October 15, 2012
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the act of intercourse with a female that currently has a yeast infection.
(also a brand of Synder's Pretzels)
Roger was desperate when he laid the Sourdough Pounder to Vanessa.
by SuperDeez August 13, 2009
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When that pussy smelling like some fresh sourdough bread.
Damn you fucking with Ailie? I heard she got some sourdough pussy.
by Gshlong February 1, 2021
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