"Fat" is a term that is being used more and more often now days.
This word is being thrown around lightly. Fat, or Obese, means to be over sized, or enlarged.
Hollywood portrays that any woman over 100 pounds is "fat".
Genetics, Stress levels, Work habits, etc can effect a persons weight.
Not all "Fat" people can help how big they are. Sure they can increase exercize habits, and eat healthier, but that does not always mean they will get thin.
&& anybody who uses this word as an insult, is a hateful human being.
Wow! I'm looking SO fat today, i'll be flamed at school.
by Taylurrr April 11, 2006
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A colloquial term used to denote individuals who exceed the societal, cultural, and medical constraints on the "normal" amount of adipose tissue found on the human body. Generally, the term "fat" is used in a denigrating fashion when employed in everyday conversation, when in actuality "fat" in the purest sense is a substance and not a descriptor.
Oh my, it seems as if I have gained fat over the holidays
by Dr. Cest August 23, 2010
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Supposedly excess weight that requires one to buy larger sizes of clothing and become a point of mockery and shame in social situations.

In women, a dress size of 10 and up is fat. In men, a beer belly exceeding to the point that one can't see ones' on feet is fat. In homosexual males, to live is to be fat.
Woman: Do you have this in a size 12?
Clerk: You'll have to go next door for something like that.
Woman: That's a plus sized women's store.
Clerk: I can't help it if you're fat.

Man, upon returning home from work: What's for dinner, honey?
Wife: I'm not making anything tonight.
Man: In that case, the guys and are I gonna go to a bar to watch the game.
Wife, incredulous: Another night of drinking? My God, you're getting so fat.

Homosexual male steps on to scale while at gym, reads "130" as his weight in pounds.
Homosexual male: God, I'm so fat.
by cegriffin June 07, 2005
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a rude word to describe someone who is overweight.

every woman between the ages of 12-35 thinks they are fat and it's retarded.
(size 0 teen) "EW OH MY GOD IM SO FAT!"

"does this make me look fat?"

"i just ate a pea. i'm so fat."
by heart of the ocean December 28, 2007
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Fashionable - Artistic - Trendsetters
Used in the Pac Div song "Ima F.A.T. Boy"
It is the word to describe the artistic background for the underground L.A. rap group "Pacific Division" aka "Pac Div"
yo, Ima F.A.T. boy.
by Brandon - aka B-dog April 25, 2008
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Geez did you see that bitch? I just got an instant fat.
by Yakkiem September 29, 2004
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A way to describe someone's weight. Or to insult someone
"She's so fat!"
by Marisol.R April 09, 2017
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