usually used to decribe ppl who r perfectionist i.e when u r picky about every little detail

note: a finicky person usually hits whatever they aim at
''change this to this colour n move that here y b/c it looks better'' <---finicky person
by myob November 17, 2004
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Insisting capriciously on getting just what one wants as it relates to food. Difficult to please; fastidious about what's being served.
An example of a finicky eater: When asked, "Want to go to XXXX for lunch?" They reply, "You ask me to go to the same places every day." Or the person is so indecisive, after offering several suggestions, all you get back is, "weh weh web,” “nah,” “What else do you have?”
by JFJCJP January 29, 2014
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