Virginia emcee best known for popularizing Loudoun County or LoCo for short. He is a member of B.A.S.E. Inc and has done multiple songs with DZK as the other half of the Red Giants.
F.a.T has almost as many groupies as he has multis.
by J. Writt May 31, 2007
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"Fat" is the past tense of 'fit'
Example, we all 'fat' in the car, rather than, we all 'fitted' in the car.
by Zaylee March 14, 2005
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Type of food you eat when you are drunk or etc.Can be found In a local convience store.Also a blonde haired guy thats works at a local hotel
Yo man lets go to the store and grab some fats.
by hackthegibson24 August 29, 2007
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You guys are my FATS said Chad
Did you call me fat said Fair
Yeah Friends always through shit, you guys are my best friends said Chad
by superchad88 November 10, 2011
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