Wyoming is supposedly a state. Wyoming does not in fact exist, it is a distortion of space-time that only appears to exist. Anyone you've met who thinks they have been to Wyoming, or believes they have lived in Wyoming have had fake memories implanted by the U.S. government. This is because they cannot explain it, and it would cause a mass panic if the public knew the truth. If you attempt to drive into Wyoming you will wake up in Canada, naked, and with no memories. (This is how Canada gets new citizens).
"Oh so you say you've come from Wyoming the state huh?"
by Hank_you_very_much March 26, 2018
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A ¨state¨ in the U.S. that does not exist. No one has been to Wyoming. If you think you have, you have not. You just went through a piece of land that is not owed or lived on by anyone. Wyoming is a conspiracy.
Stranger: I was born in Wyoming!
You: No
by ThisIsTheTruth04 April 18, 2018
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Unsuspecting travelers wander into this warp of the space-time continuum and become human test subjects of the United States government. All memories they have were implanted using secret alien technology. Sometimes problems happen with the secret alien technology, such as becoming Dick Cheney
Person 1: Hey did you hear about Joe, he said he went to Wyoming the other day.
Person 2: Yeah, I heard that he got an anal probe from Dr. Fauci
by Dr. Fauci November 3, 2021
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A tear in space time in which advanced beings come into our world. Unknown to everyone except the top military leaders know what this place may be. The US government says it's real, but I've never met anyone from there, so it ain't real. Supposedly people say they come from there, a portal to another universe, the perfect boring rectangular shape is a gateway to the unknown. Do not go there, ever, or they'll come for you.
P1"Dude I always wanted to go to wyoming, can we go?"
P2"No, the beings there are nonexistent, I-I mean not today, I'm busy"
P1 His eyes turn bloody red, wanting to go
P1"Take me there, mortal or I will banish you to our dark overlord, you will be consumed"
P2"n-no, they got to you too, SHIT, it has consumed P1"
P2 runs but was consumed by P1, one by one, he is banished to that realm
P2s last words "don't go-go to th-the sta-
His last words cutoff as he was consumed already, the dark one will be ready for him.
Do not go to this, this place
by Uwu_time February 25, 2020
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A cult. This is evident whenever you go into the post office, Safeway, etc. and 90% of people are wearing shirts, hats and jackets saying "Wyoming." Everyone in Wyoming wears only Wyoming clothing and no one in any other state ever wears a "Wyoming" anything.
I went into the grocery store in Cheyenne, and I was the only one there who wasn't wearing something that said "Wyoming."
by uytur September 2, 2010
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Possibly the most ignored unpopulated state in America.
Wyoming? Where the fuck is Wyoming?
by Alicia July 1, 2003
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