To form a close emotional attachment with your homie or anyone specifically.
Also: A shared closeness with another person.
Hey bro how do you bond with yo homeboys.
Answer: Main bru me and my niggas bond by going to the strip club and watching bitches strip or we get together and watch football on Sundays, especially when the Cowboys play.
Damn that's a dope way to bond with yo niggas G.
Preciate it foo.
by Always Discreet October 24, 2016
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To bond is to apply Gold Bond to one's testicles in an attempt to get the feeling of 1000 peppermint fairies dancing on your balls. Different varieties, strengths and combinations of Gold Bond can be used depending on the desired intensity.
Mark: Corey, man do you bond?
Corey: Heck yes I do. I like to start with the green bottle and finish off with the spray.
Mark: Wow you really know how to bond homie.
by ylfl July 13, 2009
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A classical group of four sexy European girls that play electric violins, a viola and a cello--guess that's called a string quartet--but the hot thing about them is that they dont just play classical pieces but rock songs from Led Zeppelin, and salsa too for you Latins. check them out at
-Yo this group is sick, who are they?
-Oh look at this, this girl plays an electric cello.
by music-dude April 26, 2005
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adj; synonym for cool or awesome
(You see something cool in a movie.)

by mrz September 30, 2007
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A hot, sexy European string quartet who play music other than classical. These girls play electric violins, viola and cello. Check them out @
-yo have you heard Bond's new CD yet?
-my favorite track is "Explosive"
-thats cool, mine's "Señorita"
by + MUsiC + February 28, 2005
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lifeless pussy who happens to be Robbs' bitch
he's bond
by Webster April 21, 2004
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