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1. A phrase used as a formal declaration of defeat. For example: "Kenneth replied 'yo mama' when he realized he could not counter his opponent's point."

2. The principle part of a "Yo Mama" joke, usually entailing a description of your mother being so "something" that "something" occurred as a result.
1. Amy: You're so ugly!
Gwen: Yeah, well so's YO MAMA!

2. "Yo mama so fat, the last time she saw 90210 was on a scale!"
"Yo mama so dumb, she thought a quarterback was a refund."
by Ben September 10, 2003
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1. a TV show with Wilbur Valderama(Fez from "That 70's Show"
2. A cruel start to a funny joke.
3. Your mother.
1. "time for YO MAMA!!!"
2. "Yo mama so fat when she sit's on a rainbow skittles fall out."
3. Lynn Ann Wilson
by The Child March 28, 2008
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"yo moma" is something you say in front of every sentence that some1 says just to piss then off
Guy 1: I'm going to tie my shoes

Girl 1: That Girl is a slut.
Random Guy 1: YO MOMA'S A SLUT!!!
by J R Stokes July 04, 2004
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They call yo mama "The Squirrel" cuz she always got nuts in her mouth!
Yo mama like the bus: everybody gets a ride for one dollar!
by Nasty Nate October 03, 2003
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Slang for "your mom". A nice insult! Talking about your mom is really insulting.
Ex. 1
Some guy: Get a life...
Person responding: Yo mama!
Some guy: What did you say! *beats up person responding

Ex. 2
Some guy: You fat pig...
person responding: Yo mama's a fat pig!

by GABEMSTR November 14, 2006
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Also spelled Yo Mama, Yo Mamma, yo mamma, Yo Moma, yo moma, Yo Momma, yo momma, and "dat stupid muderfuking biatch ofer der", yo mama is commonly found as an insult to someones mom. Especially used by little bastards for their fucking retarded "yo mama jokes". Here's an example of one of them.
Yo mama so fucking fat, ugly, and tall, I took a picture of her when she was born, and it's still printing, the motherfucking prick!!!!
via giphy
by YoMamaaaaaa! April 21, 2017
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the first two words of some of the best and worst jokes of all time
Yo mama so fat that when she sits down, the record skips. AT THE RADIO STATION!!
by kymcleod October 12, 2003
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