positive term of address used to connote respect, wisdom and experience in a person, usually male who appears youthful
"What's goin' on old boy?"
by thickduff December 21, 2004
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A shortened text for "good old boy". Often shortened to "ol boy".
A positive reference to someone as an ok kind of guy.
That old boy there is a pretty fair hand.
Who is that ol boy standing next to Ralph?
by ROWLV May 23, 2016
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your big wang mate. (in other words: penis)
she whipped out me old boy and gave it a tug
by MD MACHINE December 18, 2013
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An expression used to describe a camp, narcissistic, eccentric, quirky chap/individual or member of the establishment in satirical humour or derogatory fashion.
Nigel: “How’s the new bloke?”
Damian: “He’s a very Rum Old Boy!”, **laughs
by Cricket Buff May 23, 2011
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An informal system by which money and power are retained by wealthy white men through incestuous business relationships. It is not necessarily purposeful or malicious, but the “Old Boy’s Network” can prevent women and minorities from being truly successful in the business world. It entails establishing business relationships on high-priced golf courses, at exclusive country clubs, in the executive sky-boxes at sporting events, through private fraternities or social clubs (such as the Free Masons), et cetera. These are arenas from which women and minorities are traditionally excluded and thus are not privy to the truly “serious” business transactions or conversations. A business person who does not travel in these elite circles of influence will miss out on many opportunities.
example of the Old Boy's Network at a sporting event:

"Yeah, I just saw Chuck at the country club the other day. You know Chuck. His son goes to school at Saint Andrews with your Mason brother Senator Northcutt's son. Anyway he told me he was interested in selling the R&D division at Imogen. I thought you might be interested..."
by DarkEnigma April 6, 2006
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"Good old boys" is a term for a tight clique of male friends. They are usually friendly to others but at the same time the "good old boys" will often fuck others over if they think one of their own is in trouble or is in need of help.
Billy Bob got the promotion and I didn't even though I have more experience and education because he is a part of the "good old boys" network.
by Joe Internet December 30, 2006
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