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The condition of weighing more than the medically prescribed average for a specific height and age range.

An adjective describing said condition.

Something chicks fear above all else, causing them to deny themselves the love of a good pizza. It tends to make them eat salads and act finicky in restaurants.

A euphamism for surplus budget spending.

Rhymes with PHAT.

Honey, do I look fat in this?

Trim the fat!

Let's open up a case of PBR and chew the motherfuckin' fat, yo!
by Trunkbutt April 24, 2003

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One of the many styles available to choose from in the art of pubic hair design.

The Hitler mustache involves shaving the pubic hair from either side, and the area directly above the genitalia, leaving a thin strip which quite looks like Der Fuehrer's preferred brand of whiskers.
To spice up her marriage, Jean shaved her pussy hair into a Hitler mustache.

Rabbi Kawolski was quite offended when the centerfold had a Hitler mustache.
by Trunkbutt April 24, 2003

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Trunkbutt is the slang term for the medical condition known as a prolapsed rectum. This unpleasant, and unsightly condition can be caused by medical problems (specifically bacterial infections) or via the sexual overuse of the rectum through the long-term practice of anal intercourse. In the case of sexually induced trunkbutt, the pulling motions of the penis or other phallic object causes the ring of muscles of the anus to gradually protrude outward. The reality is that this malady looks nothing like an elephant's trunk. It cannot even be considered the closest approximation. But it does take its name from the mighty elephant.
After fifty long years of taking it up the dooker, Big Jim realized he had a nasty case of trunkbutt.

Can you poop standing with your tentacle trunkbutt?
by Trunkbutt April 21, 2003

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The Chinatown bus is the savior of college kids and broke-ass twenty-somethings everywhere. Well, everywhere there is a Chinatown.

The bus, which may be owned by a number of companies who typically all honor each other's tickets, is usually populated by Chinese people, young people and hideously bad films that are played again and again. And one bathroom.

They leave on the hour every hour. In New York, for example, they leave from Canal Street and go to Boston hourly. Often, they stop at a rest area.

Don't take the short bus. You will have to piss.
I'm taking the Chinatown bus to Nashua, N.H. so I can live free or die cheaply.
by Trunkbutt April 24, 2003

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Something you trip your nut sack into a frenzy of.

The term was coined by the now anonymous author of a Dysfunctional Family Circus submission.

The term has obious connotations of using one's own digits to manipulate one's own or a second party's cock for recreational purposes.
Whoa, im trippin my nut sack into a frenzy of dik play.

Want to get faced and go back to my dorm for some dik play?
by Trunkbutt April 24, 2003

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