1. The removal of the penis and testicles. (removal of the testicles alone is called Castration)

2. Metaphorically, the removal of a male ego, pride, empowerment. Making a man subservient or in a 'feminine' role.
In the middle ages, emasculation was a form of punishment and public humiliation along with being hanged, drawn and quartered.
by Shaowfax2020 January 29, 2016
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Castrate, expurgate, to render effiminent. To remove the (male) genitals from.
He was mentally emasculated by the harsh tone in her voice.
by Larstait November 15, 2003
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To have been rendered less of a man, or been made to feel much less of a man through humiliation. This term is most often used to describe a male douchebag who has been pussywhipped by his woman.
The fact that lame Ed has chosen to neglect his friends and be home before midnight on a Friday night is proof that he has allowed himself to become completely emasculated by his girlfriend.
by Kirlong March 14, 2010
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a woman that demasculates a man so much that his penis literally shrivels up and becomes utterly useless.
Jen was such a Emasculator to her husband so much that he can no longer make sex to her. She regrets being so bitchy now.
by IMMA MAN December 14, 2009
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One who's life partner of the fairer sex earns a significantly greater level of income.
Gossiper 1: "JK Criffo is emasculated."
Gossiper 2: "*laughs* YEAH, he gets rogered by his wife with the 12 inch black latex strap-on!"
by poja August 3, 2004
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A verb that describes what happens to the game of football when the "Tuck Rule," a.k.a. the "Tom Brady Rule," is applied to a play that is clearly a fumble.
Don't emasculate the game by giving in to the whiny complaints employed by fans of that pussy Tom Brady!
by tegthethird January 4, 2010
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A man missing his mojo. Very closely related to the metrosexual, although he is probably not so well groomed and probably doesn't know who Jennifer Hudson is. Tends to be pussy whipped.
Wow, I thought Mack was cool at first, but golly, is he ever emasculated!
by Phylipswiller May 17, 2007
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