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life partner both sharing love , happiness , joy and sadness together , standing for other whenever required .
life goes smooth whenever your life partner is together & adjustable.
by malushe December 24, 2015
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β€œWhere did you go after we left the pub?”
β€œDunno, CRAFT.”
by AKACroatalin November 07, 2015
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A life partner is a romantic or otherwise very close friend for life. The partners can be of the same or opposite sexes, married or unmarried, and monogamous or polyamorous.
Yoite and Miharu Rokujo are each others LifePartner
by Miharu Rokujo March 19, 2011
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*Your significant other*.*The person you can't live without*.*The person you see yourself with for life*.The greatest feeling one can know when it is reciprocated.Can hurt like hell when its not or when one is not true.
~I am so in love you.I just can't imagine myself without you.You are my life partner.I promise to forever love,honor,and cherish you for eternity............~
by ~jobella~ April 29, 2008
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A type of romantic relationship where the partners believe life is an experience so they support each other in anything. Lets say in a relationship one party is religiously against drug use and the other party would love to try lsd. In a regular relationship you would most likely get a no, and would try lsd secretly anyways. But in a life partner relationship you would get an answer like 'okay babe, you want me to be there or how you want to experience this, with your friends,alone, perhaps in an other country? Heard Germany has good lsd! Or lets say one is want to do a challenge like hitchhike and backpack in the balkans doesn't say 'oh thats dangerous!' or 'You leaving me home alone?' , but will say 'you want me to go, or doing solo?.

Lifepartners living together - but if they want to experience living alone, than that- and they can have sex partners, as if the experience is wanting to have one night stands the other partner supports it.
Dude, did you heard that Anitta and Cody are lifepartners, so Anitta keeps having one night stands whie Cody persuing a new experience witch is a YouTube chanel where he covers songs from Logic, except Cody's voice is awful.
by MonikaL June 05, 2018
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1. a non- homosexual way of saying homosexual.
2. one who you spend your life with
kelly and cherry are life partners... they are getting married next spring
by Katryna Hearts Taylor July 21, 2006
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