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The whitest word ever. a synonmyn for gosh only white people use it
Drew's mom said "Golly" to Drew's little brother because he wanted to vaccuum his room.
by big ang May 03, 2005
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An expression of surprise, delight or shock used predominantly by landed gentry or complete nerds
"Golly I hope the weather is lovely for the steeplechase on Saturday"
by KImCobain February 11, 2015
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another way to life...also can be used as golly gee or golly gee wilickers....You're only cool if you say golly
Why cant skeletons play the organs?

Cuz they dont got any

"ooo golly thats funny"
"Golly gee im crackin up"
"oo golly gee wilickers"
by garemy string October 20, 2005
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Made in a phrase as saying "oh my god" or "I can't believe" but in a way of being annoyed and bothered about a certain thing.
Girl 1: I just don't understand why u r hating me for no reason
Girl 2: I'm not really just...
Girl 1: Golly, like leave me alone please
Girl 2: I didn't mean to hurt ur feelings
by I keep it real πŸ‘Œ May 20, 2017
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A word used by American youth during the 1950's. Now the word is mainly used humorously to mock the purported wholesomeness of American culture. It mocks the nonexistent "values" that Americans and Christians claim to posses in abundance. The word when used to mock these traditions is very Nietzschean and little angsty emo kids all over the word rejoice in using it as they wait for the same fate to befall them as their parents (they grow up and conform to the same idiotic practices as their parents).
"Ward, I think you were a little hard on the beaver."
"Golly, gee whiz Mr Cleaver, why did you fuck Beaver in the ass so hard?"
"All of you shut up, I am on of TV land's greatest dads."

As a form of mockery:
"Golly, I guess I'll go eat some apple pie, toss the old baseball around then root for the hometeam! We're playing Springfield High! Nah, I think I'd rather get drunk and fuck my girlfriend."
by Intellectual_Jackass November 05, 2007
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1.Good Gosh now I am glad it's over. 2.Good God now I am glad it's over. 3.Good Golly now i am glad it's over.
by Denneth Laren Harden September 12, 2012
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