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A pair of trousers that are generally worn three inches above the ankle.

A few inches of fabric short of the finished article.
All of Tim's pants are vetzys.
by poja August 3, 2004
An acronym for Irish Guy I'd Like to Fuck. A sexually desirable male from Ireland (Eire or Northern) who one would want to have sexual "relations" with.
Man, Eugene O'Willey is a gagging IGILF.
by poja August 3, 2004
One who's life partner of the fairer sex earns a significantly greater level of income.
Gossiper 1: "JK Criffo is emasculated."
Gossiper 2: "*laughs* YEAH, he gets rogered by his wife with the 12 inch black latex strap-on!"
by poja August 3, 2004
An expression often used in Ye Olde England to denote the act of partaking in vigorous sexual acts or coitus with a bevvy of eager slappers.
Tony Blair: "My word ole chap, I say we go to town with these slappers!"
by poja August 12, 2004
One or more associates or confidants that an individual has to pass the dreary time away in the work environment or more obvious social occasions.

The nature of the conversations between the good time buddies is one of harsh cynicism and usually of a defamatory nature where the onus is on criticising the universe at large. They tend to use cryptic terms that can only be deciphered by non-participating third parties by obtaining the enigma machine.

Please note: Good-time buddies are not necessarily having a "good time".
MFQ: "Do you see those 2 cocksuckers? They walk around the building laughing!"
MILF: "Yeah, they're good time buddies."
by poja August 3, 2004
The act of partaking in vigorous sexual acts or coitus between that self-promoting psuedo-billionaire Donald Trump and two other persons (usually someone like one of the Bush twin daughters and myself).

Can also involve his wife Ivana, his bird looking daughter Ivanka etc etc etc.

Note: Due to therapy to combat his balding head, The Donald is impotent and would most likely be the one penetrated or do the penetrating with a 12 inch black latex strap-on.
Kwame: "What did you get up to this weekend?"
Douglas Hardy: "I fucked Donald Trump while his stork-looking daughter Ivanka fucked me with a strap-on."
Kwame: "That be called a menage-a-Trump. Been there - done that. The Donald and myself both nailed Omarosa during the 1st season of The Apprentice."
Douglas Hardy: "menage-a-Trump city!!!"
*Douglas Hardy and Kwame proceed to High Five each other*
by poja August 12, 2004
AKA "3 girl rhumba".

Wild hedonistic sex acts lasting several hours involving a male individual (usually myself) and 3 females.
me, the Bush twins (Genna and Barbara) and one of their hot but equally brainless fellow co-eds did the three girl rhumba in my parents car last night.
by poja August 12, 2004