The process of cutting off a male's genitals.
I'll castrate you with a chicken's beak if you say pwn is pronounced "pween" one more time.
by Joseph September 18, 2004
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im going to castrate you you and shove them down your throat
by lostinyaloveee February 17, 2017
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to dismember a dude, to cut of his balls
if you dont listen to me, Ill flat out castrate you!...BITCH!
by Chaquita Bannana August 4, 2005
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Any female that has to castrate or a cut a guys dick off is like a guy who has to cut a female's tits off (to win a genocidal war). Cutting a guy's dick off while he's sleeping is especially chicken shit behavior (whether he really raped you or not). Waiting until somebody falls asleep to show them you mean business is not showing an asshole you mean business.
The girl tried to castrate souls in order to keep from feeling weak, and it still didn't work in the end.
by Solid Mantis September 26, 2019
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Removing very special pearls and (maybe) a special stick from a man.
"He managed to castrate me, even though the knife was blunt."
by Garlic_ December 10, 2020
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Trespassers will be castrated
by Shib May 14, 2002
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