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when a man loses his testicles to his woman.

All men who wish to have any form of relationship (or just get laid) must be pussywhipped to a certain degree. The minor offenders are never called pussywhipped, only the men who allow their woman to walk all over them and totally control every aspect of their life (even if the woman is not in the smae state at the time).
Friend1: Dude, Ryan is really pussywhipped. He follows Christian all over the place, doesn't talk to his friends (unless she does) and only hangs out with her and her friends.
Friend2: At least he's getting some
Friend1: Yeah, but we havn't seen him in 4 months. Tommorow I'm gonna report him missing to the police
by northendwhitetrash January 19, 2008
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A man with no balls or backbone that has a super high maintenance girlfriend or wife. The majority of newly married men are considered to be severely pussy whipped.

Can't make decisions without asking her and nothing ever goes his way. Most of his friends have disowned him and openly mock him.
Jim - "Yo Jerry, I have tickets for the Browns and Steelers game"

Jerry - "Uh, ah, uh I have to ask Mindy if I can go. Just a minute." Silence then loud screaming in the background.

Jerry - "Sorry, but Mindy wants me to go to the arts and craft show this weekend"

Jim - "You dickless pussy whipped sack of shit. Tell the bitch your going"

Jerry - "I can't do that! You don't understand"
by glum68 August 12, 2008
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(1) adj - situation whereupon a male is undeniably at the mercy of his high-maintinence girlfriend & answers to her every beck and call, usually followed by the reprioritizing of girlfriend over friends, family, school, food, water, and air.
(2) adj - making decisions based on the incentive of sex
(1) omg, tom's girl has him so fucking pussy whipped that instead of going to the yankees game with me and the boys, he spent his whole weekend at the pottery barn expo, picking out ceramic cats and china patterns. ::insert cracking bull-whip sound HERE::
(2) if she didn't give it up all the time, he wouldn't be so goddamned pussy whipped.
by je adore dior March 08, 2003
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adj. Describing a heterosexual male who is socially and emotionally dominated by his life partner.
Jeff won't come to our tailgate party. He's so pussywhipped Alex Karras sent him a sympathy card!
by Nappy Martin November 30, 2003
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