when a man loses his testicles to his woman.

All men who wish to have any form of relationship (or just get laid) must be pussywhipped to a certain degree. The minor offenders are never called pussywhipped, only the men who allow their woman to walk all over them and totally control every aspect of their life (even if the woman is not in the smae state at the time).
Friend1: Dude, Ryan is really pussywhipped. He follows Christian all over the place, doesn't talk to his friends (unless she does) and only hangs out with her and her friends.
Friend2: At least he's getting some
Friend1: Yeah, but we havn't seen him in 4 months. Tommorow I'm gonna report him missing to the police
by northendwhitetrash January 19, 2008
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adj. Describing a heterosexual male who is socially and emotionally dominated by his life partner.
Jeff won't come to our tailgate party. He's so pussywhipped Alex Karras sent him a sympathy card!
by Nappy Martin November 30, 2003
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When a male loses all his dignity that he falls so far as to be ruled completely by his "girlfriend".
Friend 1:Where the fuck is Fred, he's missin out on some serious shit.
Friend 2: Dude, he's w/ his fuckin' girlfriend as usual.
Friend 3: The usual huh, he's definately pussywhipped.
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When a male of the species will not do anything against his significant other's wishes for fear that she will retaliate by not performing sexual favors for him.
Friend #1: "Man, that bitch has Jack pussywhipped! Know where he is?"
Friend #2: "Yeah, he's so afraid he won't get any tonight, he's home watching 'Dawson's Creek' with her instead of at the World Series with us!"
Friend #3: "Damn, what a loser."
by FaerieAne December 3, 2003
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Having to ask permission to go out with your friends. Not being able to go out more than one night in a row under any circumstances. Ever using the term "pass" in reference to going out.
"I just can't man, I went out last night." - Pussywhipped

"Dude, she'd kill me." - Pussywhipped
by MarkG210 June 7, 2009
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a pussywhipped guy is a spineless insecure butt kissing sissy man who has to agree with everthing his girl says,and give in to every demand,even if he loses his guy friends he doesnt care,because he is so insecure he fears disagreeing with her because this might upset the emperor,and he cant take the risk of being single because of his insecurities.this type of guy is simply a joke,the key to being in the pussywhipped hall of fame is simple things like,we watched football every sunday at his house,but now his girlfriend goes there on sunday so were not allowed over,but guess what hes doing,sitting there watching football.thats the problem with these people,likes wht the big deal if his guy friends watch football while shes there,i dont get it,but no,if shes coming over the fortrace goes up and no 1 may enter or leave.because he has to use all his focus seeing if he can stick his head all the way up her ass.it is hard to believe why any women dates these idiots,because to me it goes against human nature,but for the girl it makes them feel more important and special because everything goes her way.to me being a pussywhipped stooge is not about sex,its about relationships.the pussywhipped male is the most insecure on the planet,and its the fear of not being in a relationship which makes this putz feel like hes a loser with no life,so he has to protect the relationship at all cost,and this means putting the girl before everyone or anyone,it really doesnt have anything to do with sex.these guys will also date just about anyone,and will also be in long term relationships with these girls.i like to call them bandade relationships,because he will go from one to outher with no real reason why hes dating the girl,he knows he has to find a relationship,thats the key for him,sadly these people never find true love,because if u consider every girl on the planet relationship material,the how do you know who u really like.
girl-where do u want to eat tonight
guy-wherever u want to honey
girl-what color should we get for the new curtains
guy-what ever color u want honey
girl-what are u doing friday,ur not hanging out with ur friens are u
guy-no,well do whatever u want to do honey
guy-honey i ordered the payper view fight im gonna invite some friends over ok
girl-i have a headache,i just want to sit here with you,and u need to finish the dishes
guy-ok honey,i wont call anyone,do u need your laundry today
friend-this idiot just called me and said hes not getting the payper view now,jesus christ he is one pussywhipped motherfucker.
by doinkbutt November 16, 2007
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1. someone who is unreasonably ditching or flaking out on their homies for a girl (adj.)

2. becoming a bitch for a girl(s)
Guy 1: So when are you going to the party?

Guy 2: Sorry, I'm not going anymore. This girl wants me to go to yoga class.

Guy 1: Dude, you're being hella pussywhipped.
by MacDaddyBrehh February 20, 2009
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