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Like The Force, duct tape has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.
This lady just wrecked her car! Put some duct tape around it, before it gets messy.
by Sonnybobiche January 28, 2004
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by PeteLoaf320 November 25, 2020
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God's gift to man. The perfect mix between untility and cost. The average sized role of duct tape costs less than $2 and is availiable to be purchased almost anywhere. Duct tape is not as sticky as Gorrila Tape, but it is much less expensive and more easily obtained. Every man must have a roll of duct tape somewhere. It is the perfect addition to the car, utility closet and tool box of anyone.

Duct tape was origionally created during World War 2 for the US military to water-proof ammunition crates in the wet climates of the Pacific and Northern Europe. The water-proof qualities earned it the name Duck Tape as it repelled water like a duck's feathers. GIs then began using this tape for fixing things in the field. After the war, this useful product was unsuccesfully used to seal duct work (hence the generic name) later to be replaced by foil tape. The two main producers of quality duct tape are Duck Tape and 3M. It is ussually found in the full-sized, gray roll. However, it can be found in many colors and sizes with many backings (plastic, rubber, fibered etc).
Something is officialy broken when it cannot be fixed with duct tape.
by northendwhitetrash August 04, 2008
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Person 1: And then I was like "omg," and then he was like "wtf" and i was like "idk" and he was like "stfu"

Person 2: wishes he had duct tape.
by maddipaddypicasso May 25, 2009
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Make things that shouldn't move stay put. The opposite of WD40.
by Ritch A September 16, 2003
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The solver of all of lifes problems. It will fix ANYTHING, even your love life.
Much like Google, duct tape is God
by Urban Dictionary August 09, 2006
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If you cant fix it with duct tape, well then you didnt use enough duct tape.
Dave: I used the duct tape but it still wont work.
Steve: Use more tape.
Dave: Wow, thanks Steve!
by Sherlock1 April 08, 2007
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