money maker or money-maker.
1. a female's gluteus maximus
Girl, get out there and shake your money-maker!
by Chad Deese October 19, 2003
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a money maker is on a girl, both of her goods. her breasts, and her ass. even though the song " money maker" specifically suggests it's only a girls ass, it's also a girls breasts.
damn look at dat girls money maker. (just depending on what she's shakin)
by lucky_angel March 15, 2009
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A person who makes a lot of money everyday and gets money everyday.
Josh is a money maker.
My dad works so hard, he is going to be a money maker one day.
by I_will_mess_you_up November 17, 2017
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A girl that sucks dick for money no matter how fat and ugly he is just as long as she get her cut.

A skank
A Slut
A cock eatting hoe
The slutty girl on this page is a true money maker.
by I <3 hoes October 9, 2008
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1) A device that literally makes money, such as a coin press or a bill press.

2) A device or anatomical region that figuratively makes money, such as a "booty", "nice set of legs" or in rare cases a "brain." Body parts that come in pairs are generally referred to in the plural.

3) A device that indirectly makes money, such as a computer or guitar.

4) One who makes money, such as Bill Gates.
"Let's fire up the money maker. We have an order for $6 billion in 20s."

"Shake ya money maker baby!" (referring to the bottom)

"Shake ya money makers baby!" (referring to the breasts)

"Shake the money maker" (referring to the process by which a coin press is shaken to clear a jam)

"I wear a helmet to protect my money maker"

"I owe my success to my money maker... my PC!"

"I'm the money maker of the family"
by RedWater June 2, 2009
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Slapping someone, specifically an attractive person, on the ass quickly after they walk by you.
I gave the new girl at work the money maker after she passed me in the hallway.
by mainframed February 11, 2009
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it is a sexual act where the man rubbs the womans clit between your thumb and your middle finger and pointer finger, using and up and down motion, this stimulates the woman and brings her closer to orgasm
man the other day i licked tanners moms pussy, then i finished her off with the money maker,
by Matt September 8, 2006
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