a person in charge of others; a boss.
"street cleaners stopping for a smoke when their gaffer isn't in the vicinity"
by karientoch March 19, 2019
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someone or even something that is young or small. a small child usually, but not always
"awe look at the little gaffer"
by gafferforlife November 16, 2010
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1 An old man;
2 A old man that drones on endlessly
1 "My grandpa's a funny little gaffer"
2 "My socials teacher is such a gaffer"
by Johanna September 9, 2004
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A gaffer(as seen on the rolling credits of a movie) is a guy who runs around with different multicolored rolls of duck tape on the movie set and makes sure the set doesnt fall apart for the scene.
"Tell the gaffer to go make sure those overhead lighting wires are out of the scene."
by Ivez May 9, 2005
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1. The head of the electrical department on a movie set,an old man, or the foreman of a squad of workmen. Men who tended street lamps, after the "gaff" they used, a pole with a hook on its end.

2. A person, usually female, who licks cum off of a cock, also referred to as the drippage. Or a person who licks cum from a non-standard location, like a plate, or other area, like the hand after giving a handjob.
Man 1: Ugh, ya baby, gaff that dick.

Man 1: Yo, did you see the DSLs on that one?
Man 2: Fuckin Gaffer, who-a.

by Bene Gesserit February 11, 2007
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The nickname of the manager of an English football club.
Sir Alex Ferguson is the worst, racist gaffer in the world!
by Sigs_09 October 2, 2003
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