the thing your dad yells at your about for stealing it to fix your stuff.

also fixes anything thats broken, even if it isnt. good cover for anything you want to hide, and you can use it for making cool stuff!!
dad: wheres my duct tape?
daughter: i dont know..
dad: you do too..
daughter: i uhh used it *hold up note book cover in silvery goodness*
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1)a heavy duty tape/adheasive.
Top layer: shiney, platinum-looking, thin, steached out recycled plastic bottles (mixed with paint... hence the silver color)
middle layer: woven string.
bottom layer: adheasive which bonds to mostly everything, especially when exposed to heat.

2) an exploited fashion. i would love to meet the idiot who created "ducttape fashion.com" they need to brun with all their merchendice, consittering the fact that you can just make your own damn walet out of your dad's duct tape in 5 minutes, rather than ordering it, waiting forver, and paying $30.00 for something you couldn have made for free!!! also, anyone who owns anything duct tape (ie. my wallet) look and feel like trend setters, followers, or, to be put short "posers".
steal duct tape. it fixes all.
by Kamiko Hikaru September 14, 2003
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The greatest creation known to man and is able to make great things like: bookbags, bracelets, rings, and ties
Scott:Wow that's one fancy looking tie there Jeremy
Jeremy:Thanks I know
by Duck-TA-pe October 30, 2003
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what my friend kyle uses to hold anything together
Just put duct take around it, then it'll be brand new
by jwlx April 23, 2005
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Can also be used to make into balls and used in the game party time.
by Yacin June 15, 2003
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Also known as Duck Tape:

Believe it or not, there is a Duck Tape capital of the world. It's in a suburb of Cleveland called Avon. There's a 3-day festival in June celebrating Duct tape, and people do some amazing things with it.
Guy #1: Dude, just went to the Duct Tape capital of the world. Little town called Avon.

(Slightly misleading. Although Avon isn't very big, it does have 20,000 people, 10,000 of them came within the last ten years, so anyone who's heard of Avon outside of it still considers it a "small town")
Guy #2: Cool. Never heard of it.
by DucTape February 05, 2013
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