1. a replacement for the words "i said", used most commonly by teenagers telling a story

2. a filler to add a dramatic edge to a story
so i was like, okay you need to leave and he was like, well i'm taking my cat with me

i was like, sooo drunk and i made out with a lamp
by itsyagirlmeg July 9, 2011
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a crucial component to teenage story telling, to describe the storytellers view on said story.
white girl: "Nikki was like with him the whole night...i was like what a slut."

black dude: "this bitch wouldn't leave me the fuck alone! i was like damn bitch, you aint even that pretty, plus you aint got no ass."
by diddy kong September 17, 2009
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I said. Used when recounting something said, to idicate that the dialogue to follow may be a paraphrase.
Yesterday, Jesse pulled my hair again, and I was like "You are annoying"!
by Nicole Mitchell December 14, 2007
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The saying used by the Lincoln University baseball team in trying to explain how people react during certain activities.
I was like yo, and he said yo, and then he be like this. And thas wus up.
by Coach Pla February 24, 2009
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Having a desire for something.
Also the immediate response to a question when you have about zero fucks to give.
Why are you shaving your beard Tom?
Because I feel like it. Now do the god damned dishes.
by Ionme November 7, 2015
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Obnoxious people use this phrase after they have recited an anecdote about their petty tribulations.

This is to compensate for their complete absence of wit or original insight into anything.
Teenage girl drops her lipstick.

Girl: Omigod becki, this morning i was like, putting my lipstick on, and then i dropped it and there was lipstick like alllllll over the floor and i was like AHH!!!!
Boy: uhhh... how exactly can you be "like ahh"?
Girl: I apologise for my poor use of English. I tend to use "like" as an all-purpose word. Yes, I was slightly disgrunted at the time, but I wasn't physically comparable to a sound, nor did I actually raise my hands in the air and shout "AHH!"
Boy: I think makeup and clothes stores contain brain-destroying chemicals.
Girl: Help me.
by fanboy January 2, 2005
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Another way to say "Just because" or a way to say that what you are talking about is how you act or something.
I threw a kitten into the dry-cleaner because it had brown spots on it. Yeah; I roll like that.
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