The holy mother of all search engines. Is the most efficient, and reliable search engines. Can generate a few million results within a fraction of a second. Can be used for homework, dating, and for looking at high quality divx porn for satisfying your sex-deprived lives.
I used google to search for transsexual porn!
by SeXuaLSoYBeaN June 20, 2003
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The fuck you searching google for? You fucking idiot google is taking over the world and you don't even know what it is yet? You probably just searched this up through fucking Google.
Person 1: "Hey, look at this image of your mom"
Person 2: "Did you really just searched fat mom on google?"
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Google - A search engine that currently searches 8,058,044,651 web pages. If we look at this figure closely it is clear that it is greater than the number of humans residing on this planet. Google seems to have been made popular due to its plain and simple interface unlike yahoo which sells out with its adds.

To Google - The act of using the google search engine.

It is thought Google got its name from a googol, the third largest number with a name. It is a '1' followed by 100 zeros.
n."I'll use google to find the right site, or I'll use it's image search to look for boobies"
v."If you don't know what something is, google it"
by Casanova M-baby May 4, 2005
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1. The most popular search engine.
2. A term for "nigger" from 4chan's Operation Google (
1. I went to to find the answers to my homework
2. Look at that stupid google and his gold chain rioting!
by SexySoviet69 March 19, 2017
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the noun that became a verb
Can you google something for me?
by alexx_sandra March 26, 2010
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A company that is trying to take over the world

Search engine was not enough

they made mobile phones
they made a web browser
they made a free email service
there making a Operating System
they will soon make a MP4 player
they will soon move into financial institutions(banks, credit loans)

when will it stop?
Google slowly taking over this rock called earth
by |Grayfox| July 8, 2009
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The answer to all your questions, the answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?"
What's 1+1? Google it.
Who is Michael Jackson? Google it.
Who are you? Google it.
What's a noob? Google it.
Where's Waldo? Google it.
Why am I still here? Google it.
Where can I find a girfriend? Google it.
What is Google? Google it.
Where is area 51? No, don't Google that, the government might track you down.
by George H. Obama February 13, 2010
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