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A word to describe someone of african descent, commonly used in place of the word nigger as a form of protest against the web search engine company google, after Google introduced a artificial intelligence to censor the worlds comments for containing words such as nigger, faggot, tranny, dike etc
This sparked 4chan and reddit to use of the word google instead of nigger, as the company google cannot censor its own brand. This movement was dubbed operation google
"look at that gangbangin google over there peacefully protesting by killing other googles"
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by CaptainCrustyCunt September 24, 2016
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A hopefully trending way of substituting the word "Nigger".
This trend was set in motion recently by internet trolls in an effort to counter Google's new censoring AI.
Based on the concept of how substituting offensive words into non-offensive words has no effect.
Sup google


Google (x7) I'm 100% Google

Google (x7), I'm 200% Google
Google (x7), why do police hate Googles?
Google (x7), they hate us cause our dicks is bigga
Google (x7), why you call yourself a Google?
Google (x7), cause im a mother fucking Google!
Google (x7), why you drink so much beer?
Google (x7), I dont drink beer, I drink malt liquor
by Prof. Uzii September 23, 2016
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The holy mother of all search engines. Is the most efficient, and reliable search engines. Can generate a few million results within a fraction of a second. Can be used for homework, dating, and for looking at high quality divx porn for satisfying your sex-deprived lives.
I used google to search for transsexual porn!
by SeXuaLSoYBeaN June 20, 2003
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N. A company hell bent on world domination. With features ranging from telling you the answer to life, universe, and everything to showing you an aerial photo of Area-51, there is no question whether or not their goal is world domination.
JOE: better Google taking over the world than Microsoft.
BOB: you got a point there. Now let's go order some prostitutes

Personally, I wouldn't terribly mind Google taking over the world-the only regret I would have is that they beat me to world domination.
by Satanist Cows go meow April 14, 2009
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1. The most popular search engine.
2. A term for "nigger" from 4chan's Operation Google (
1. I went to to find the answers to my homework
2. Look at that stupid google and his gold chain rioting!
by SexySoviet69 March 19, 2017
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Google - A search engine that currently searches 8,058,044,651 web pages. If we look at this figure closely it is clear that it is greater than the number of humans residing on this planet. Google seems to have been made popular due to its plain and simple interface unlike yahoo which sells out with its adds.

To Google - The act of using the google search engine.

It is thought Google got its name from a googol, the third largest number with a name. It is a '1' followed by 100 zeros.
n."I'll use google to find the right site, or I'll use it's image search to look for boobies"
v."If you don't know what something is, google it"
by Casanova M-baby May 04, 2005
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