Referring to the expensive Tequila named "Don julio 1942"
- Bro you look drunk
- yeah, Im off the 1942
by slajf_is_life August 17, 2020
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Code name that they have bombs at home.
by Weirdguy222 September 11, 2020
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A time of prosperity, when people get rich and want to spread it ostentatiously.
David: Man, I just hit a 1942.
by DEBEXX October 18, 2019
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An addicting on-line first-person shooter that re-enacts real WWII battles. A game that frequently involves spilling out an entire clip of ammunition on an opponent 2 feet away yet entirely missing.

Most players can be classified into 4 categories.

1. Players who know what they are doing.
2. Players who do nothing but camp next to planes and promply crash them into trees.
3. Players who do nothing but be annoying snipers and puss out for the entire battle.
4. Suicidal n00bs who shoot everyone and anything.
Player 1: Wait! I want to get in the boat to get to shore!
Player 2: STFU! I'm taking this 8 passenger boat for myself!
by John September 1, 2004
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One of the most groundbreaking games in FPS history, allowing players to re-enact historical battles of World War 2 in surprising (if not perfect) accuracy and realism. This game was also the first FPS style game to feature the ability to command any vehicle or stationary weapon battery the player might come across during gameplay. (The game features almost any vehicle significant to the war, allowing players to command everything from a British Sherman Battle Tank to a Japanese Battleship)

Battlefield 1942 is not only a revolutionary game because of its unique style of gameplay combined with easy-to-operate controller configurations, but also because (despite comments made by my fellow Canadian, Random Hoser) it is considerably accurate historically, providing brief accounts of battles after the real victors have won, and making up a believable post-battle summaries if the winning team were infact defeated during the given battle.

Two expansions have been released by EA since the games original debut, first of which was the "Road to Rome" expansion, which added the French and Italien forces into the gameplay, and is truly worth purchasing, and the later-released "Secret Weapons of World War 2" expansion, which, in my opinion, strayed too far from the WW2 atmosphere generated by the original title and was not very enjoyable, nor worth the money I paid for it.

Many mods have also been released from various sources, although the most notorious of them are the "Eve of Destruction" mod (since been succeeded by EA's new release, "Battlefield Vietnam") and the glorious "Desert Combat" mod, which in my opinion is almost more enjoyable than the original game, and worth 7 hours to download.

In summary, Battlefield 1942 is one of the greatest (probably THE greatest) FPS title ever to be released, and is worth the original price ($49.99) to buy, even years after its release.

My screenname online is Janos Illin, if you see me give me a shout
Counterstrike is a good game, but most people who play Battlefield 1942 see it as mediocre, and afterwards find it less enjoyable then the said title.

Player01 says: I found Secret Weapons of World War 2 wasn't as enjoyable as Road to Rome

Player02: No other game has ever allowed me to use me old FPS skills, while simultaneously giving me the option of strafing my friends in a P-51 Mustang!
by Derek Thornton May 14, 2004
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Best. Game. Evar. EA is leet now. Plus, the expansions are actually half-decent. Anyone that bashes this game is, sadly, a motherfucking dumbass casual gamer who doesn't know shit.
Hoser, you're a dumbass; the Americans, British, Soviets, and the Canadians are in the game, it's just that the entire Pacific thing was mainly the US.
by Kuririn February 25, 2004
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