1. out of control
2. (1)a person who is creating drama,
(2)has a big mouth, or (3)never minding their own business about the situation
3. amusing
1. "My room is so messy!! Things are just scattered everywhere!!"
2. (1)"That girl is fuckin' messy!! She can't stay outta trouble!!" (2)"I told my friend what happened, and she is too damn messy that she went and opened her big mouth, so that's why I'm in some drama." (3)"This ain't got nothin' to do with them with their messy asses!!
3. "That man is a mess!! *lol*"
by SieSieBby. February 25, 2009
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person who is alway starting shit, act of creating drama or problems
first girl...hey did u hear that angie was cheating on her boyfriend
second girl... girl u need to quit being so messy
by Leval November 9, 2007
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all up in other peoples shit...never mindin your own business
by hoe #1 February 18, 2003
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somebody that is two-faced and tells other peoples business...had a big mouth
that gurl too messy she told my boyfriend that i was cheatin on him..
by anonymous March 10, 2005
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talkin' bout ur friends behind their back or just instigating
You just bein' messy talkin' bout that girl like that.
by lulu January 3, 2004
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When something is out of control in a good way
This party is messy!
by Beenie April 15, 2003
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Very, very drunk; being messy often results in bad judgement, throwing up and temporary memory loss.
1. I was messy last night, I can't remember a thing.

2. Good night last night mate, someone was messy!
by charlie c December 20, 2006
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