A term used in information technology and management consulting to describe an over-priced service which cannot be explained except in esoteric terms which the customer cannot understand.
What the company needs is a whole new HR solution.
by Xaviana December 2, 2003
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This term became popular in the business world because it was used to describe some products or services that when bundled together would lead to a complete solution. For example, Microsoft Office isn't just a suite of applications, it's a total office solution.

The term, like most management buzzwords has lost any meaning it originally had. People no longer sell products or services any more, they're all selling solutions.

With the golden age of the 'give us your money and don't ask questions' Internet boom of the late 90s this word grew to become e-solutions. An e-solution is something to do with the Internet. No-one is really sure what it does but it makes web pages or something and so is a must-have.
Steve: We offer turnkey catering solutions for consumers and prosumers
Dave: You sell sandwiches from a battered old caravan parked on an industrial estate don't you?
Steve: Ssssh, she doesn't have to know that.
by thepreacher May 15, 2006
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The common solution for companies when addressing any incoming Tech Call which is to completely restore a system to it's original state with no regard to information previously stored.
I incorrectly installed a driver but when I called tech support they wanted me to recover the entire system and they didn't even attempt to find an alternative solution. Wow, the typical IT Solution hits again..
by Jamfetto December 22, 2008
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A word many business people misuse to describe the process of creating a solution. These people need a grammar lesson and should be fired immediately.
I am an idiot so I will spend my day solutioning a way to deal with my stupidity.
by Scranth April 9, 2008
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- I could kiss you, and you could kiss me back.
- You could kiss me and i'd definitely kiss back.
How do I fix our relationship? Oh I know, The Solution.
by TheSolutionHaHa September 25, 2018
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An answer to all of the problems of America, there are two answers.
Man: I have a solution to all of America's problems
Solution 1> Death to Bush!
Solution 2> Fake ID's to Canada for everyone!
by ?????? Allen May 22, 2005
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similar to the situation, mike sorentio, the solution refers to a man or men that isn't just the man or the answer he is the total package, the solution. Not only is said person or persons well endowed, have perfect hair and a craving for the richest things in life (i.e. grading papers, pleasuring women, and fighting crime) he also is a man of much wealth fortune and insight (usually not a women)
Mike Sorentio may be the Situation, but Chuck Norris is the solution.

Pat Hayes' perfect parted hair is nothing short of solution to life's baldness.
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