The greastest thing on this planet. Primarily used to repair things. Although many people (like myself) have used duct tape for more crafty purposes, such as making Duct Tape Jackets, and Duct Tape Wallets.
Dude, who's that freak with the duct tape jacket on in the middle of Winter?
by Cptn. John Pineapple September 08, 2004
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(a.)Only one of the coolest things ever. If you ever meet the man who made duct tape you should marry him (unless you're a guy or he and/or you are married).

(b.)A nice little money maker. People will actually buy stuff made out of it, i.e. wallets, roses, cell phone cases etc. Of course if I had no skill in making it, I would too.
(a.)girl-"Hey, did you ever figure out the guy who made that cool stuff they call duct tape?" guy-"Yea, I think I'm gonna propose today!" girl-"Hey, aren't you married...and a guy?" guy-"Dangit!"

(b.)I just made 20 dollars when I sold this stuff I made out of tape, but not any tape, duct tape!
by sara February 19, 2005
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It'll save your sorry ass during the zombie apocalypse.
Person 1:In the game Dead Rising 2, the protagonist, Chuck Greene uses Duct Tape to combine two chainsaws and a paddle together.

Person 2: Dude! he must kick zombie ass!
by Guile_Sasori December 18, 2011
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(n.) The end-all solution to all your problems.

(v.) To solve a problem, to patch up.
Got an asshole who won't shut his mouth? Tape his mouth shut with some duct tape!
Got embarassing back hair? Use the adhesive power of duct tape to rip out the unsightly growths and hair follicles!
Got an annoying roommate who sexiles you? Tie his arms and legs up with duct tape then duct tape his dick to the wall for everyone to see!
Wanna sit on a sofa on top of your car and steer using a broom through the moonroof? Duct tape it to the car!
Got mold on your cheese? Use duct tape to remove it!
Sofa got torn up? Use duct tape to mend it!

I duct taped my life. Everything is all better now. I've mended my ways!
by Insufficient Postage May 05, 2006
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Duct tape is an awesome type of tape/adhesive that is usually silver but can come in many, many colors. It has tons and tons and tons of uses. You can do basically anything with it, from making wallets to fixing cars.(And those are only 2 of the most common uses.)
1) We where in a car crash and we used Duct tape to temperarliy fix our car.

2)I made $75 from selling duct tape merchandise.

3)Yo, duct tape is so epic!!!
by Bluestrike22 February 13, 2010
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One of the most versatile substances every created, can be used to fix just about anything and be used to make just as much. also very useful as a chick magnet when worn on your wrist.

Girl: why are you wearing duct tape on your wrist?

Boy: it's a great way to met women.

Girl: why do you say that?

Boy: cause you had to ask.
by withoutwax1618 July 11, 2008
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