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Both dorky and adorable. A higher state of being all dorks strive towards.
That dork is so adorkable I could just hug him till I die.
by Insufficient Postage February 09, 2006

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A statement used when one is feeling extremely frustrated with oneself for a failure or flaw in one's life.
I hate myself for letting Urban Dictionary distract me from my homework.
by Insufficient Postage April 27, 2006

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a phrase used to wish someone well in an endeavor

sometimes a pointless phrase if the task at hand does not even remotely involve or require luck.
good luck washing those dishes. i hope the knives don't fall on your foot and slice your toes off!
by Insufficient Postage February 02, 2006

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A way of saying that you don't know but want to make it look like you might know. Similar to saying "I'm pretty sure," but could also mean "I'm not totally sure."
Soldad: Did you do your homework?
Sonia: I think so.

Jeff: Is the final tomorrow?
Lola: I think so.

Chris: Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!
Jackie: I think so.
Chris: Is that a yes or a no?
by Insufficient Postage April 26, 2006

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Your area. Your region or neighborhood.
Al Roker: That's the forecast. Stay tuned for local weather info in your neck of the woods.

What time is it in your neck of the woods?
by Insufficient Postage April 30, 2006

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A famous phrase by Bart Simpson that got him on TV.
Bart Simpson: knocks down something I didn't do it.

by Insufficient Postage February 15, 2006

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In ancient times, a pink moon was an omen of the apocalypse, a harbinger of doom.

The third and last album by Nick Drake, recorded in two two-hour midnight sessions in October of 1971. The album consisted only Nick Drake's guitar and vocals. This album is widely considered Nick Drake's best. Initially capturing a small amount of critical attention, it received more acclaim after his death and even more listeners since the VW commercial used the title track for the Cabrio in 2000.
Pink Moon is such a mellow and beautiful song. I let it lull me to sleep one night. It's sad and tragic to know such a talented musician died so young and at a stage in his life when things were looking brighter.
by Insufficient Postage April 25, 2006

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