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1.Person/s that demonstrates all the qualities of being a douche so well, they could in fact be a deity among douches.
2.The lord and messiah of all douches.
that guy is one douchelord
by Nev October 29, 2004
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Someone who has reached such a high level of douchebaggery that they are respected and held in high esteem by other douchebags. The leader of the douchebags.
His reputation with the ladies has helped him attain douchelord status among his peers.
by thebeckster February 03, 2010
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Douche Lord, noun. Any human who has reached an unsurmountable level of douchiness; often the douchiest person one has ever known. A douche lord is the so-called 'king' ('lord') of douches. Should there be a town comprised solely of douches, this person would undoubtedly be elected President, Mayor, King, Il Duche, etc. dependent on the hierarchy of said town. Typically, a douche lord is one who possesses certain traits: lack of height, slicked back hair (ponytail optional), inability to speak English, KNOWN FOR STEALING INNOCENTS' PHONES OFF BATHROOM HAND DRYERS, monochrome attire, and general cockiness for no evident reason.

Common places where one can inadvertently stumble upon a douche lord: executive boards of healthcare companies (douchiness level can be measured according to picture appearing on website), happy hour at an urban brewery/bar/pub, IN THE KITCHEN AT STAGS HEAD, hosting a well-known reality television show, and other like-minded venues.
That fucking douche lord who works in the kitchen at this pub just stole my god damn phone off the bathroom hand dryer, where I accidentally left it!
by mrsbrady November 23, 2010
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A person who has surpassed the simple "douche bag" they have become a lord in the art of douchebaggery, therefore becoming a douche lord.
That dude is a major douche bag!" "Na man, hes surpassed that, hes a douche lord.
by BigDickBallerrrr February 14, 2011
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There are douches, and then there is the douchelord, who is the douchiest of all the douches.
Girl 1: He thinks he can get all the girls in the school.

Girl 2: No way! What a douchelord!
by ilovechickenalot March 03, 2011
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An extreme version of the term douche bag (a demeaning obscenity using reference to a tool women use during their period). A douche lord would reference that a person is beyond a douche bag- and requires a more demeaning term.
You know, sometimes that guy can be such a douche lord.
by heartsluv January 09, 2010
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