1.Person/s that demonstrates all the qualities of being a douche so well, they could in fact be a deity among douches.
2.The lord and messiah of all douches.
that guy is one douchelord
by Nev October 29, 2004
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There are douches, and then there is the douchelord, who is the douchiest of all the douches.
Girl 1: He thinks he can get all the girls in the school.

Girl 2: No way! What a douchelord!
by ilovechickenalot March 4, 2011
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someone that is the king of all douches, total prick, and may have the name Brad.
The douchelord Brad walked to his home on wheels.
by queenie 22 April 19, 2011
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The douchiest of all the douchebags in existence, not just on Earth. Their douchiness is so great they can be seen as not only royalty compared to other douches, but a God. Basically douchebaggery could be its own religion, as many religions have some idol that believers worship.
Jack: Did you see what happened to Joey at the bar last night? He got super drunk, picked up and banged four girls, including a transgender woman, got into a bar fight and got arrested.
Mike: Dude, I saw. What a douchelord.
by Sarcastic_Dickhead August 11, 2017
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a guy who breaks up with his girlfriend claiming he needs to be single but actually just wants to sleep with her noncommittally.
You know that guy on the baseball team who just broke up with his girl? Yeah, well he totally still tries to rail her. What a douchelord!
by john do harden May 14, 2010
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A landlord who repeatedly violates the 24-hour notification rule by showing up at your rental unannounced.
"Shit, the landlord is here!" you say.

"Did that pud call first?" I say.

"No." you say.

"Oh, that's the douchelord." I say. "Don't let him in."
by Chic Swank November 2, 2010
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Someone who has reached such a high level of douchebaggery that they are respected and held in high esteem by other douchebags. The leader of the douchebags.
His reputation with the ladies has helped him attain douchelord status among his peers.
by thebeckster February 3, 2010
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