Jesus Christ is the messiah, the anointed one, the savior of mankind, the Son of the living God, and God himself. Apart from him no one can enter heaven or receive eternal life.
by ScottX January 8, 2007
A savoir
~Go ahead and build a better messiah, we can dig another grave.~
by Insurmountable Jackass May 9, 2004
a child of T.i. or aka T.i.p. Harris
T.I.:Aye Messiah get over here yo mama want you
Messiah: Yes daddy
by Tip2you March 4, 2008
Obama is the new messiah; when he takes office the oceans will stop rising, the air will clear of pollution, and America will heal her wounds. We will have hope for the future, and a future filled with hope.
by Slick W. August 13, 2008
Used when referring to a person who is extremely late and will almost undoubtedly never turn up.
by maxgrey February 4, 2007

someone who should have massive hair a big shlong and does not smoke weed he should be south African the best fortnite player in the world unlike Ethan he is gay don't be like Ethan smeeton is clapped 911 is cool ;)
messiah is a big black nigger
by yeer January 15, 2019
A Person who plays the hero "Orochi" from a video game called "For Honor" as a Main Hero. (Based on the Twitch Streamer III_Messiah_III)
Person A: "dude don't be a messiah"
Person B: "why not i love Orochi"
Person A: "you are such a weeb".

"I am Messiah cuz Orochi is my favourite Hero"
by DarthHughes January 16, 2021