succeed in achieving (something that one desires and has worked for). You are the one who dedicates time and hard work into something.
I am attained therefore i'm a hard worker and dedicated to my work.
by iAttained August 26, 2017
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1. Accomplishment of something: the achievement of the goals that somebody has set.

2. A skill, accomplishment, or distinction, especially one achieved through effort.

1. They forced them to reach the attainment.
2. He's got attainments, he's got skills.
by Jafje August 22, 2007
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adj. A female whose attractiveness, under most circumstances, puts here out of your league, but her personality makes her attainable to the average guy.
by bloj81 March 29, 2009
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When a guy assumes that he can 'get' a particular real life girl either to date or have sex with because he feels what he has going for him: looks, personality, status, money, job, degree, etc., are enough to impress the girl into doing so. But the problem is that girls want to 'date up', not 'date same' and definitely not 'date down', so girls that most guys think are realistically attainable to them, are not.
Girl #1: JP wants me, he keeps texting me to hang out.

Girl #2: That would be dating down girl, don't do it.

Girl #3: I think he's suffering from AGS

Girl #1 and #2: AGS?

Girl #3: Attainable Girl Syndrome!

Girl #1: Well as long as that mean he's delusional.

Girl #2: Most guys are!
by December 3, 2009
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When a streamer's audience (usually male) fool themselves into thinking the streamer (usually female) can be attained for a relationship as long as she is single. This delusion is shattered when she reveals she is in a relationship, which, consequently, leads to indignant backlash by the horde of disappointed men.
Streamer: I have a boyfriend, guys!
Delusional man: Ohmahgerd but I thought you were mine.
Streamer: Sorry to shatter your attainability delusion, but you should've known better.
Delusional man: *proceeds to report all her accounts*
by Carnivorous Pencil March 10, 2020
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