a common reference by parents for kids getting a 'ride' in a police car.

this was used almost as much as "put your eye out", ANOTHER phrase APPARENTLY in the 'parent handbook', i became EXTREMELY weary of hearing!!
i'm not coming to the police station when you get picked up!

the jenkins boys were constantly getting picked up for various infraction/s.

the police picked up a couple in a church parking lot trying to 'sock it home'
by michael foolsley June 19, 2012
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The process which entails meeting a dealer in a (usually) prearranged place, and purchasing--'picking up'--your dope.
Guy 1: "Oi, where an' when we goin' to pick up?"
Guy 2: "We're on our way to the kebab van right now to pick up you twat."
Guy 1: "Yaaaaaaay!"
by Rep August 24, 2004
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Verb: To purchase drugs, or "score". Usually referring to the purchase of weed
by Aidan Brooks June 1, 2005
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Get to know or become aware of (this or that). Determine following investigation or unexpectedly.
Friend 1: Hey, I knew it was you!
Friend 2: "I was afraid you'd pick up on that".
by puertomarina December 9, 2014
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To meet someone, usually at a bar or party, and persuade them to leave with you in order to have sex. Used for in-person encounters, as opposed to hookup, which can also be used for internet meetings for sex.
Did you pick up last night?
No, man, I was there till the lights went on.
by Roody August 17, 2005
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