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The way an idiot tells you to spell 'Filipino' even when you're of (partial) Filipino descent and have known how to spell it ever since you could read.
~Given scenario: conversation over text~

P1: Hey! My Filipino cousins are coming to town, we're going to lunch on Saturday. Wanna come?
P2: Sure. Btw thats not how u spell philippino
P1: I'm half Filipino and I've known how to spell it my entire life. It's spelled with an F.
P2: Well I mean philippines is spelled with a ph so its spelled philippino
P1: FUCKING DUMBASS. Alright, nvm. Just forget I said anything. I'm not inviting you.
by Sarcastic_Dickhead December 28, 2017

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The douchiest of all the douchebags in existence, not just on Earth. Their douchiness is so great they can be seen as not only royalty compared to other douches, but a God. Basically douchebaggery could be its own religion, as many religions have some idol that believers worship.
Jack: Did you see what happened to Joey at the bar last night? He got super drunk, picked up and banged four girls, including a transgender woman, got into a bar fight and got arrested.
Mike: Dude, I saw. What a douchelord.
by Sarcastic_Dickhead August 11, 2017

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1.) A place of eternal damnation and torment in the Christian belief (synonyms: school, earth, Arizona).

2.) A place where those who have a mind of their own and/or are scientifically intelligent go because they don't let a freaking book judge them.
1.) Welcome to hell, better known as school, but more truthfully known as hell. Hope you're having a crap-tastic day!

2.) More people are going to hell as the human race becomes more scientifically intelligent.
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by Sarcastic_Dickhead December 24, 2017

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Homosexual romance anime that the average Joe will only get to while drunk and crying at 2am and beating off to it.
Paul was feeling curious so he typed 'yaoi anime' into the YouTube searchbar. After hours of searching and finally finding one of his preference, of which he had finished half a season, his walls and bedsheets were stained with urine, blood, and semen. His cat stared at him, giving a confused look. Paul looked at the cat shamefully and pulled up his pants.
by Sarcastic_Dickhead August 10, 2017

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