The grammatically incorrect version of high regard as coined by Flame.S
We all look up to General Tater, I in particular hold him in high esteem. -Flame.S
by Tater Overlord October 1, 2016
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An affliction which causes people to think they are way hotter than they really are. This affliction often leads to heinous wardrobe choices and/or embarrassing behavior.
Look at that girl strutting around in her three-sizes-too-small jeans with her muffin top hanging out! She totally suffers from high self esteem.

Did you hear that loser down the hall asked out the hot girl next door? He better check his high self esteem before her boyfriend kicks his ass!
by tkrazy April 9, 2008
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The overall good feeling you receive from dozens of your Facebook friends liking a photo of yourself in a cute/sexy/borderline nude pose on Facebook.
I changed my profile pic an hour ago of myself in a slim bikini and puckering my I already have 22 likes! I have such a high self-esteem now!
by ejhall19 June 15, 2011
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High self esteem pussy means that you will ask no questions during sex. You know your pussy is good, and you know when your man cums. This term was created by cupcakKe, who sang about it and explained it during the Genius interview of Duck Duck Goose.
High self esteem pussy means I’m not gonna ask you, “Oh did you come?” I already know you came motherfucker. “Oh, is my pussy good?” No, I already know it’s good. I have high self-esteem pussy, which some of you bitches need. Don’t be asking questions. No questions. During sex. At all. It’s a fucking turn off, ya’ll.
by Soozaaaa June 10, 2022
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A girl dressed and groomed at her 100% best possible outcome going to a fancy party.
She was totally high on self esteem no way i was going to convince her for a quick BJ.
No-one has ever got a alley quickie with a girl high on self esteem.
by estonico January 6, 2016
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