A town in Alabama where over 90% of the places there are restaurants, the restaurants are freaking good though!
Dothan's motto: Come hungry, leave happy
by Clinker December 16, 2007
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a segment of society that stubbornly hold a single societal view that is myopic, ignorant, our fallen out of fashion.
They're of the dothan that still thinks video games are bad, or rot your brain.
by culther0 October 15, 2019
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A town full of hoes and fake niggas and broke niggas. If you like minimum wage and sitting in traffic then Dothan is the place for you.
#Dothan #Broke #Fake #PussyLooseAsAGoose
by SonicGangCuh December 7, 2018
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When your oldest brother is visiting his mistress in Dothan, Alabama.

*You can turn any town into a verb.
"Where's Brandon for Christmas?" "He's Dothaning."
by Tallie Whacker December 21, 2019
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a surprisingly large town in lower Alabama, yes we have a lot of niggers, but I guess all the restaurants make up for it. Almost everyone here goes to church and most actually go to school.
Y’all wanna go down to Dothan to grab some lunch?
by large dildo December 17, 2018
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While squating over your victim's face and pinching their nose, you punch them in the stomach at the same time you let a big fart out, causing said victim to gulp in your stank air.
Jesse's drunk ass passed out so Cody squatted over him and gave him the Dothan Breathmint.
by Shanaynay33 May 21, 2012
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The wiregrass is known for its crackheads, whores, cheaters, tiny peckers, and dick suckers. If you come to the wiregrass, Dothan Alabama, you will find shitty weed and sluts. Guys usually want pussy or dope. All the boy basketball players are unloyal and hoes. The girls are mainly snakes and can’t do anything besides suck dick. The Wiregrass has a lot of parties with yee yee bubba’s. You can always find NXT’s and beer cans. Ashford and Headland are know for hoes and bad dope. Lord the guys body counts around here are more than you could count. And lets not start on the dick pictures and nude videos.
Dothan Alabama has the most fingering videos of sluts in the state!
by suckingdick.com December 7, 2018
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