Fake is a word to describe people who aren't themselves in order to gain friends and end up being more popular. They seem very nice to everyone, yet trash-talks them behind their back in order to get attention from people and make "friends" just to improve their social-status.
Sallie: Oh my word, I was telling Chelsea who I liked last night because she said we were besties and that I could trust her, but in History Class two of her friends were laughing at me and pointing at my crush! She is so fake. Ugh.

RaeRae: Yeah! She just wants to be popular ! She posted a selfie of her and Annie, the cheerleader, captioned "love my bestie!" on her Insta but I heard they secretely hate eachother! Talk about fake!
by UrbanContributer August 7, 2017
When Patty Callaway doesn’t invite Carson Barrett to a fun party, she talks smack behind his back and is fake.
by Awkwardcarson December 10, 2019
Someone who acts fake is someone who talks shit about a certain person, and then when that certain person is around they are nice to them
Becky- I love how last night Tiffany And Devonann were talking shit about Rachel, and now they are over their hugging her and laughing with her.
Stevie- Yeha poor Rachel doesn't know that those bitches are totally fake to her
by Kirk Sobject January 1, 2006
A word that generic, bitchy, teenage girls use to describe the same generic, bitchy, teenage girl that they hate on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
Generic teenager: OMG she is SOOOOO fake!!!!! I hate her guts!!!!
by slutsnbublebutts January 8, 2012
An individual who talks behind another persons back while they are not even there to defend themselves. Someone who does not value real friendship or have the balls to say things to someones face.
3 women are friends and 1 moves away to the other side of the country. The other 2 remain friends but pretend to still be friends with the one who moved away. One day the 2 of them are talking trash about the third and accidentally send it to her. When confronted they deny it's about her.....Now that is FAKE!!!!
by WhosFakeNow May 29, 2011
1. Unreal or preposterous

2. A person who performs actions only to create an image.(Aka. a phony)

3. Can be applied to an action that seems false or forced.(ie. sugary "I love you" when two people cannot stand eachother)
1. That man did not fly to mars. That has to be fake.
2. She is a fake. She is just trying to be popular.
3. "Did you see how all the people in drama club hug eachother. Weren't they just fighting. That is so fake."
by Thouwhobangsthyheadonthewall August 10, 2011
The real definition of Fake is when someone will secretly pray on your downfall, someone that you tell everything to and the moment y’all fall out they use it against you . The real definition of fake is when someone will tell you that you can’t accomplish something you want to do , Fake is when someone doesn’t bring you up when you’re trying to be great instead they will find a reason to knock you , being fake is when one of your friend will see you do something wrong and make fun of you for it instead of telling you it’s cool . The real definition of fake is when your friends encourage you to do wrong instead of telling you not to do it . That’s the real definition of fake 🐍
Fake;fake friend someone who plots against you
by Cheese penis o506 February 18, 2020