Jesse is the type of person that everyone loves. Not only is he very intelligent but also a great Person in total. He is not the type of guy to pick a fight with but only because he knows he will win. Make sure you don't start an argument with him either because he WILL make you look like an absolute idiot. He can be a very nice guy but only if you are nice to him. He enjoys sports and is everything you would hope for. If you are a girl that is reading this, Jesse would be the best person you would ever meet. He wont only just hang out with you but will also care about you. He is always super laid back and can be funny. Jesse is strong, Good looking, smart, honest, can keep a secret, and just a great person in total.
by The guy u like November 15, 2016
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A female who is slim and attractive and stylish and has sometimes-blonde hair. Some call it "sexy". But Oh, there is so much more beyond that - she is intelligent, and resilient and determined. She will surprise you with her thoughts and opinions, maybe make you laugh. Her word is her bond, and she's loyal. She can be such a safe and strong space to share vulnerably with , and a bold force to be reckoned with.

Be a solid, good character person, and maybe just maybe you'll get a glimpse of the gooey sweet HEART of this toasty marshmallow.
Knock knock, who's there?


Jess who?

Je suis là! I jess ngoo you miss me!
by Better Make Sure March 11, 2022
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A drug addict who teamed up with his old chemistry teacher who has cancer to cook meth in an RV
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It's an energy field created by all the JFCers. It surrounds us and penetrate us and it binds the JFCers together.
"The Jesseness is so with me"
"May the Jesseness be with You"
by CrazyClavie April 27, 2005
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The most beautiful person in the world. If you ever get lucky enough for her to fall in love with you always treasure her never make the mistake of treating her like she isnt worth you while because she is worth every second of your every day. She deserves all the love in the world and if you are in a relationship with her you better make sure you give her all the live in the world because as much as it will kill her if she feels that you arent trying and you don’t listen to her she will have to do whats right and move on, and once she does its too late your gonna be alone and its gonna hurt. So take care of her and love her to bits she gets enough shit you dont need to add on, ask her about her day, bring her out even if you’re broke and always kiss her forehead. I love you jess
by Jaaaka October 1, 2019
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n.- feelings, generally happy and/or romantic, associated with the hot fictional character Jesse de Silva from the Mediator series by Meg Cabot, who has hair the color of a raven's wing, eyes as deep as the ocean, and- uh, nevermind.
Feel the Jesseness.
I'm full of the Jesseness right now. The Jesseness is making me hyper.
I am full of Jesseness after reading the "Mediator".
by The JFCers April 21, 2005
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a girl who will often be quietly insecure.
someone who always loves a laugh but loves deep conversations.
someone who might mainly obsess on weight or relationships but will eat a whole pizza and go on tumblr anyway.
someone who either falls in love quickly or takes a long time to.
someone who usually thinks as herself as a third wheel in her friends group.
someone who is often scared she is not good enough for people.
someone who is usually witty and sassy.
someone who is often slightly jealous on how all her friends are pretty and she's just...there.
omg shes so jess
by cutey patooty March 12, 2014
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