To decay. However, in slangish terms: to be beaten down, reduced or diminished by an event or place that has made a negative effect on your life. This may have affected your finances, health, social life or any number of other factors important to you.
I can't stand working here, it sucks so bad. I've been going downhill ever since I've been here. This job is making me rot.

I've rotted away in university. My school years of constant studying and no life, year after year, have ruined my life.
by PuzZLeR October 23, 2006
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the greatest form of relaxation. usually involves laying in bed during broad daylight or playing Playstation untill 4am. just as an apple rots if sittig around, doing nothing...humans can rot, by doing the same.
"YO Mikey. Want to come hang out?"

"Nah, I gotta rot. Then I'm going to do 1.5 more."
by Andrew SON! November 13, 2007
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a noun meaning disgusting, gross, or repulsive
Bertha: "I'm so beautiful! Everbody my mom knows tells her what an attractive daughter she has."
Floyd: "Don't be delusional Bertha."
Bertha: "Well, my mom told me so Floyd!"
Floyd: "Oh yeah? Your bad breath, and cameltoe prove otherwise. Everybody I know says your rot!"
by ed rogers June 11, 2004
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the act of being left on duty at work for extended periods of time, generally in durations of four to six hours. rotting is most commonly forced on chicago lifeguards as a form of punishment for either some shenanigan they pulled or some bullshit from upper management.
"Those stupid rooks, they've been on duty five hours. Ha! let em rot." or "rooks rot."
by stupid rook March 8, 2010
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He yawned, opening his rot wide.
by Bungalow Bill December 21, 2001
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I want to plant my tree in some rot.
by John March 18, 2004
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