Brandon is the friend you want to keep because he will put others before himself he cares about everyone especially to the people he knows best.Brandon can make girls laugh and make them feel like the only girl in the world,when he makes jokes its usually to make people feel happy. When he does things with his friends it usually ends with trouble. Brandon is the person who can keep secrets because he wants to make sure that they can let out anything that they wanted to say. Brandon sometimes can be a dick but deep inside he is a loving person and he will get in a fight with someone if he has to. Brandon in all honestly is someone you need in your life because he will do whatever he has to do to make you feel happy. He would make a wonderful boyfriend because he will care about you and protect you with his life.
Brandon youŕe super sweet thanks for being here for me.
Brandon that was a good joke thanks for making me laugh.
by The Meanings of Names April 21, 2020
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Brandon is one of the most amazing guys you will ever meet. He is extremly caring and sweet as well as funny, and intelligent. Winning an arguement with a Brandon is quite a feat. Hard on himself and his looks, but very cocky about his intelligence. Girls always flock to Brandon's because his humor is very attractive to the people around him. On the outside Brandon's appear like assholes and meanies, but the people closest to him know deep down hes a sweetheart. Brandon will do anything for the person they love. He will love you forever, as long as you do the same. Can't be with anyone, needs the true love of one to make him happy. Extremely loyal and protective. Able to make you feel super special, like your the only girl in the world, because to him you are. Brandon's love doing unexpected romantic things for the person they love. Hates being left out of conversations and gatherings. Timid at first but when warmed up to isnt afraid to show passion and emotion. Someone who you can talk to and will truly listen. Not the best at making conversation but will always try his best. Amazing friend and boyfriend. Love him with everything you have and he will make you his entire world.
Hannah: You and Brandon are still together, its been forever!

Bekah: Yeah he loves me to the moon and back.
by BekahFdefinitions123 December 6, 2018
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He’s a quality piece of shit but he’s the best you’ll ever have so enjoy him while you can
Brandon and I have the best relationship he’s the most amazing guy
by Emwc March 4, 2018
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Brandon is a person with an overall great person . Even though he has a short attention span, if you are talking to him, he will listen to every word. Brandon is a very creative person; give him a box he'll make it into a rocket ship, give him some paper clips, he'll make a dragon. At first, he doesn't know who he loves, but when he does he'll love them forever. Brandon will be shy when you first meet him, but when you get to know him he'll never shut up. If you come to him for advice, he will never disappoint.
Man, Brandon is a good friend once you get to know him.
by Dubstomp49 June 8, 2017
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the sweetest and most caring guy you will ever meet. He makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world. He is willing to move across the country if he thinks it is the right girl for him, and will go out of his way to make you feel special. You won't be able to get him out of your mind
"Wow I can't believe me and Brandon are getting married"
by DancerChick333 January 23, 2012
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He is a very loving person and won’t give up on any of the people he cares about. He seems to be a very extroverted person but when you really get to know him he’s kinda quite and shy. He is the most perfect person you will ever meet. He has the most perfect smile and a laugh that could just warm your heart, oh and his eyes you could get lost in them forever, yes he wears a hat most of the time but once you see his soft perfect hair you will never want him to but a hat back on and don’t even get me started on his lips they are the most softest lips you could ever feel. You will just fall in love with him so easily it’s crazy.
Friend: Wait isn’t that Brandon over there.
Me: Omg yeah it is, isn’t he just so perfect!
by ummmmOkayHi June 6, 2019
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The master of sex positions. He knows all of them and all about them yet he is still a virgin. This is due to the sacred knowledge being bestowed upon him.
“Dude have you spoke to Brandon tonight?”
“No he’s too busy looking up cock and ball torture techniques”
by BrandonHunter April 30, 2019
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