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A time when you are insincerely generous, buy dear things hardly anyone wants, and give them to those you don't like.
If there is a time when people spend more, give more, and party more just to avoid being left out, Christmas fits the bill.
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by MathPlus January 03, 2017
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A wonderful time when somebody breaks into your house and eats your cookies, whilst replacing the food with presents. <3
"Look! It's Christmas! I wonder if the happy chubby dude left me any presents!!"
by ramen child December 06, 2016
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A celebration of humanity dating back thousands of years. It originated as a pagan celebration of the birth of the Sun, as it was celebrated on the winter equinox, and after that point, days got longer. When the Catholics/ Christians took over these pagan peoples, they replaced their holiday with their own Birth of the Son, (as in of God) to make the transition to Christianity's traditions easier. The idea of Santa Claus and his reindeer was created in the 1800s, and is loosely based on St. Nicholas, who gave random presents to people. The idea of a christmas tree dates back to German celebrations of Christmas thousands of years ago. They used an evergreen tree to symbolize life and hope in dark times, and hung apples on it. In modern times, it has again lost its religious meaning and is now used as a time of secular "joy." People spend the time with their family or friends and exchange gifts, a tradition from the Birth of Jesus. (As it is the birthday of the Lord, and people can't give Him material gifts, they exchange them with others.)
Christmas happens every year, whether we like it or not.
by Kaila January 01, 2004
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60 yr olds+ : "oh no. the family is coming over for lunch. i have to put up with their whingging and mess."
50 yr olds + :"christmas is so stressful - where am i going to come up with all the money for presents?!"
40 yr olds + (mid-life-crisis-era)+ :"christmas means big meals. it also means the time of year one adds more inches to thier middle"
30 yr olds + (starting-family-era)+ :" christmas is seeing the look of joy on my child face, christmas morning. its better to give than recieve"
from 20 yr old (lonely-depressive-bacholor-era)"christmas is all about santa who was invented by the coke-a-cola company to make millions of the stupid. christmas is a gimmick. its the one day a year i have to go to church"
teenagers (i-know-everything-era): "christmas is meant to celebrate the birth of Christ, its a catholic tradition shared all over the world, even though jesus' birthday isnt acctually on the 25th..."
young children every where: "i love christmas cos santa comes and gives me what ever i want, but its yucky waiting to open the presents. its ok coz i peek every year at them."
it was as if all her christmas's had come at once
by venesa December 22, 2003
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A holiday that was originally meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ ,even though nobody really knows when he was born. Fortunately for kids, nobody really gives a shit about that part. In modern days, its all about adults bitching about much money they have to spend on their kids only to have the ungrateful little bastards bitch and moan about how they didn't get everything they wanted. Also a day that somehow went from celebrating the birth of Christ to a day celebrating a fat guy in a red suit that breaks into peoples houses and leaves presents under a tree that for some reason is indoors decorated with all kinds of cheap crap. Talk about selling out. Jesus would not be happy :(
Christmas is by far the greatest marketing scheme of all time. The commercials usually start mid November, completely ignoring Thanksgiving, and thanks to all the propoganda, it insures that all the stores can raise their prices only to say that it's a super limited Christmas "bargain." All in all, Christmas is a great holiday, so fuck it, Merry Friggin Christmas to all and to all a good night. Just remember that National Hangover Day is right around the corner
by Xero _ Manifest December 25, 2010
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A widely celebrated end-of-the-year profit scam.
Ah, Christmas... the time to total your credit cards in complete disregard of Jesus Christ's birthday.
by stop it loser November 20, 2007
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