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Two of the biggest problems in America right now.
I hate Democrats and Republicans!
by Clinker May 17, 2008

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A town in Alabama where over 90% of the places there are restaurants, the restaurants are freaking good though!
Dothan's motto: Come hungry, leave happy
by Clinker December 16, 2007

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Bullshit alot of the time.
Most of the time, statistics are bullshit.
by Clinker June 16, 2008

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The state with thte best mexican food outside of Mexico.
Lets go to California and get some good burritos.
by Clinker May 31, 2008

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The most northern state in the 48 contiguous states that is said to be filled with conservative hicks by the retarded idiots on this site. Although it is actually the bluest state in the entire nation. Even New York sometimes votes Republican. Minnesota was the only state to vote blue in the 1984 election.
Minnesota - land of the 10,000 lakes

Minnesota - land of the 10,000,000 liberals
by Clinker September 16, 2007

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In the 80s and 90s, video games were about fun and entertainment, but they have now become a nerd version of politics.
video games

Heres a joke:

Q: What do politicians and fanboys have in common?

A: They both can win, but still be retarded.
by Clinker January 24, 2008

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The city that the Browns drive through after losing to the Steelers.
While I was in Youngstown, I saw the Browns heading back to Cleveland leaving tears.
by Clinker January 25, 2008

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