Another word for head, or blowjob. This term is most appropriate however, because unfortuantley, most male brains reside in their penile regions
"That girl has a foot long tongue, I bet she gives great brain!"
by Rae Rae March 23, 2005
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To strike a person in, on or upside the head deliberately and violently oftentimes with a blunt object.
Nick told Jerry, "Pay me what you owe me or I swear I'll brain you with this crowbar".
by Nikki Stixx December 10, 2018
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to give a deep throat blow job they say its so deep it hits the brain
yo last night that fine lookin thang thang gave me the most greatest brain ever
by V1bez February 22, 2005
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mama give give me that brain
-lil wane fireman

mama give me that wooo like shes a brain donor
-ginuine hell yeah
by japizzle March 22, 2006
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"have you ever popped champaigne on a plane,
while gettin some brain, whip it out she said
'i never seen snakes on a plane'"

-kanye west: good life

"i am the beast
feed me rappers or feed me beats
im untamed i need a leash
im insane i need a shrink
i love brain i need a leech
why complain on easy streets"

- lil wayne: we takin over
by cjdlajfkj November 28, 2007
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the organ in your head that allows you to think and move your muscles
Your brain helps you read this!
by Frankiepoo December 3, 2007
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to strike someone in the head with an object.
"we were doing okay until the QB brained me with the football"
by Conejo June 12, 2005
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