When you mean all of you
Y’all we got it like that like that
by RTEC June 5, 2006
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“ Hey y’all whats up!”
“ Are y’all coming over?”
by Jerrybobkins January 2, 2018
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Something I ain’t
Like when a mf say y’all and your not included in that bullshit
Him: y’all needa stop being mean
Me: ...who is y’all?
by Kittykatkilla November 5, 2020
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A gay Texan slur. Stands for You All Like Loping. Over time has become more a a gay booty call for those bored of riding horses.
Hey Y’all Cowboys? Cause my butt could really use some filling.
by Dr. John Albacore March 17, 2019
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Ya bro she’s like a 7 on the y’all scale
by Mrdaddybigcock June 23, 2020
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Well...c’mon. Everyone knows embryo y’all.
“Why does your bio say “embryo y’all”?”
“Well cmon dude everyone knows embryo y’all!”
by Herrick_ryan January 8, 2018
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