A highly visible tattoo or piercing, usually located on the neck or hands. Also applies to excessive facial piercings or large gauge ear piercings.

-Props to Oeler for this one-
Dude, go check out the minimum wage on that guy cleaning the bathroom!


Because of the minimum wage he got in college, Joe was never able to find a job paying more than seven dollars an hour.
by Wolfeman April 30, 2008
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A way for the upper class to keep people poor enough that they won't fulfill their dreams, while still giving them enough money to stay alive long enough to continue the cycle. There are ways to escape the purgatory that a minimum wage job entails, but most wage-slaves are too disillusioned by their meager station in life to take any serious action to improve it. The constant stream of bourgouise propaganda has convinced those on the rusty lower rung of the economic ladder that they don't deserve it anyway.
I started my new job last week, and my manager decided to fuck me in the ass while I washed the dishes, just to assert his dominance over me.
Oh, you must be working minimum wage. Don't worry, your manager takes oxies and jerks off to the music video for G.U.Y. by Lady Gaga to fall asleep at night because he's been working there for half his life and only makes 50 cents more than you per hour.
I guess that's just what's in the cards for me because I am a nobody and I deserve nothing. I have made friends with my depression, and have irredeemably ruined my body, my future and my interpersonal relationships because I lack a fear of death. By the way, if you come in during my shift I'll give you my 50% discount. Golly-gee I love working minimum wage.
by Hankuranium November 4, 2019
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(noun) The lowest possible amount/wage an employer can legally get by with paying their employees.
"What can I say?" Nikki pondered out loud, "Every job I've ever had would only pay me minimum wage. Sheeeet, I was born to lose, homie".
by Nikki Stixx May 5, 2021
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Seems like a good idea, but its not. Creates unemployment and violates freedom of contract, if you dont understand how this could be true, check out an economics book, its basic econ.
Attempting to raise the minimum wage will result in poor people losing their jobs.
by youknow2 May 9, 2005
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A Dinnerlady that cant earn much money per hour
Dinnerlady - "hey give me that ball"
Kid - "haha minimum wage"
by Ubaid Nisar March 27, 2007
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$5.15 per hour: what Michael Reppert/ mexicans earn in a hard day's work
You're earning minimum wage at the golf course? That's nothin... that's how much I paid your mom last night.
by Drew November 13, 2003
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anyone that honestly believes minimum wage doesn't hurt the economy seriously needs to take an economics class.
progressives will continue to harm our nation's economy if they keep coming up with bad ideas like minimum wage.
by david smith, jr. April 21, 2008
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