the photos taken during a night of sin that "document" all of the less that glamourous moments. These may include random drunk dancing, any shirt malfunctions resulting in boob loss, dress mishaps ending with bare ass being visible to the public eye.
As your friend gives a random guy a lap dance snatch out a camera, click a picture and yell "documentation!
by jazziest July 14, 2010
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What Jay needs before he will stick his phatty slammer in her nice twat.
"If she had documentation I would fuck her"
by P November 25, 2003
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Word used by telephone operator when trying to sound smart... when in actuality, they are an idiot... THATS NOT A REAL WORD DUMBASS!!
-Person on phone: "There is a false withdrawel on my bank statement that needs to be fixed"
-Operator: "Ok ma'am, i am documentating your information right now"
-Person on phone: "Documentating? You're an idiot!"
by Levi Morgan October 13, 2008
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When you are assigned so many back to back documentation tasks at work (read, write, review, comment, update) that you start to go completely mental.
"What are you up to this week?"

"Documental. I've been writing specifications for the last 3 weeks straight and I'm going insane"
by Joost911 August 9, 2012
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Of, relating to or suffering from anxiety over the use and/or storage of documents.
Not trusting anyone else, Brad collected everyone's passports and boarding passes as soon as they got though airport security. I can't believe how documental he has become.

After triple checking the location of the theater tickets, Ann remarked that Ken was getting a bit documental.
by Susan C February 21, 2009
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What one calls sheets of tree pulp when wanting the information written on them to seem important.
Please look over these documents at your earliest convenience.
by ASPG October 24, 2008
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