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A popular IRL chat client of the 20th century.
Guy 1: Dude, the funniest thing happened when I was talking on the telephone yesterday.
Guy 2: Telephone? Isn't that that antiquated thing my grandma uses?
by tofudragon May 05, 2008
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What people used in the 1300's and before. The telephone was often used by dinosaurs as a fetch toy. Telephones are like cell phones, only 100 times worse because they are the primitive version. The first person to make a telephone was God's great grandfather.
Last time I heard that I had to get off of my telephone.
by My Name Is George July 11, 2011
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a game children play when you describe an item and each child in a line add to the description of that item to see how outrageous it gets by the end, also what nosey adults do with information to make someone look bad by adding untruthful information (exaggerating)
It's like a game of telephone when you try to get to the truth about what was said about Bob at work.
by butterfly4LOVE January 17, 2009
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A plural code name for African Americans. Used in place of the word nigers. Telephones are often very loud, and always seem to be "ringing" or to be overly enthusiastic. This term is most often used so when saying it, African Americans will not know what you are talking about.
Nick: "Yo check out those niggers over there making all that noise."
Joanna: " You meen check out thoses telephones ringing over there."
Sean: " I love telephones!"
by JoBanna239 September 21, 2009
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1) n. An antiquaited communication device with a handset for listening and speaking into, either directly connected by multi-strand wire or with a battery and transmitter to a base receiver, either type also tethered to the wall and connected to an external line out to the ethernet or phone system.
2) n. The defining communication method of the 20th century, connecting people around the planet, and ending isolation anywhere in the world.
Grandma, tell us about how you use to have a phone that was tied to the wall that you couldn't take anywhere.
by cunninglinguist May 15, 2005
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to place one's scrotum into the mouth of another individual (i.e. tea-bagging)while simultaniously reaching your penis around the individuals head and into their ear
dude i gave this chick a telephone call but she was to out of it so i left a message behind her ear
by bukkakeonericsface November 13, 2007
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Verb. /telifoun/

To call a person's mobile number repeatedly while they are wearing a Teletubbies costume, thereby causing them much aggravation as they attempt to unzip the suit with their mitten-hands and access the call.

Must be performed in plain sight of the subject.

Person 1: Oh man, check out Ben! I'm going to Tele-phone him now while he's still in costume.

Person 2: Haha, awesome, he can't even get his Tinky Winky hands off.

Person 1: Let's continue until he has a rage blackout.
by double quotation marks April 26, 2009
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