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Netiquette refers to the forms, manners and actions established by the Internet community as acceptable or required behavior in social interactions via e-mail. In other words, being polite to your fellow list subscribers. It is absolutely imperative that you familiarize yourself with the rules of netiquette before you launch headlong into participation in any sort of e-mail discussion list.

The established conventions of online politeness are called netiquette. Some conventions vary from site to site or online medium to online medium; others are pretty standard everywhere. Newbies are often unfamiliar with the conventional rules of netiquette and sometimes embarrass themselves accordingly. Be sure not to send that incredibly important e-mail message before reading about netiquette.
Those morons who flood the AIM chat rooms with porn ads need so learn some netiquette.
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 03, 2004
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An aircraft aluminum flashlight. Favored by the LAPD. only for use against mexicans
MAGLITE - The ultimate weapon in police brutality
by IrishRepublicanArmy November 27, 2003
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an explosive device sent by mail and usally set to explode when someone opens it. Sometimes set on a timer or another type of triggering mechanism.
John had no idea what hit him when he opened the mailbomb
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 13, 2003
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the PRC doesn't stand for anything.

the PRC-77 (and the improved PRC-770) are military VHF FM transcievers, that have been used sence 1960, and are slowly being phased out because the US Army likes them.

Frequency Coverage:
30.0000 to 76.0000 MHz
channel spacing:
50 kHz
Power Output:
5 watts
10 miles on a bad day
5 miles when the VC are shooting at you
30 miles when you get back to base

PRC-77s are used as manpack radios (straped to the back of GIs and used for unit-to-unit communications), if you've ever seen the movie "Platoon", the PRC-77 is the radio that all the Americans are carrying on thier backs.
or they are installed as radios in Humvees and tanks. (i.e. all the antennas on military viecles are connected to PRC-77s.

widly copied by every NATO member, so all the good guys can talk to each other.
"Roger, get the PRC-77 on 41.75 and call HQ"
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 21, 2003
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